Stories in the Missional Journey of Bruce & Deborah Crowe

September 6, 2010

——-Yesterday we hosted the first of four “Cafe Nights.”  They are taking place downtown, in an old soviet theatre we are renting, on Sunday evenings.   This past week several of us went to the surrounding tecnicums and passed out invitations, not really knowing for sure how many would come.  God blessed the evening, we had 40-50 students come in and sit, drink coffee and eat desserts.  We had just enough food. We had a guest Christian rapper from Kiev do a few songs, share his testimony, followed by testimonies from Tanya K (Ukrainian) and Matt Almeter (visiting friend from Texas).  I wrapped things up by sharing simply our hearts for doing the cafe, our desire to build relationships with them, and God’s love already directed/proven through Jesus Christ. We prayed at the end of the evening, and you could sense hearts were engaged.It was very fulfilling to serve with practically everyone from the church. From the baking and serving of home-made desserts, to table setup, decor, and sound equipment.. everyone got involved and we witnessed God blessing our efforts. It’s time for us to share the hope within us, to boldly, and graciously make His name known to our town. Pray for us please, we need to personally carve out more prayer time here, but we also need support, this is a spiritual battle that isn’t going to be won with cool music and free coffee.

[This is one of the local colleges called ‘technicum’]


[Broderic helping rip up an old floor, to be replaced with concrete this week.  We’re completing this house for missionary housing]

Thanks for checking in, please pray this week for:

– The students that came, that seeds would grow, and they’d come back next week and bring more friends.
– Property downtown is ready to purchase on our end for the cafe, we’ve secured a loan to help with this and needs God’s help to pay this back.  Pray that all the documentation is completed properly, it would be great if we could complete the purchase before we leave for North America on Sept 26.
– Kolya, the new believer who is being a major positive influence at his school, he’s bringing most of these students to the cafe.. pray for his spiritual growth and protection from all forms of temptation.
– Sergei & Tanya’s return, they are hoping to be back in November sometime, pray for God to meet their practical needs that may delay their return.

Bruce & Deb


  1. Bruce

    Does the video work ok for you guys?

  2. Dave

    The video worked for me.

  3. Dad

    Hi Bruce,
    No video ,a blank space.
    Good seeds being sown there.Looking forward so much to your family coming.Good thing we kept the bunk beds.
    Love Dad

  4. stephanie

    Yes it works. How awesome!

  5. Coy

    Works for me. Chrome.

  6. tanya susidko

    Fantastic!!! Was so great to see the video and actually witness all those students there. We are so excited to be getting back. We are so ready too. Can’t wait to get involved.

  7. Jon

    Sweet bro! – praying for the next one tonight that you guys would have an even better night.

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