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September 2, 2012

Max the stray dog hangs out at the school.

Well, it’s the calm before the storm. T-minus 1 day until we’re depositing our most prized possessions into the heart of Ukrainian learning. We spent a few hrs at the school playing with some of the kids from the orphanage. Only four were there, I’m not sure if the rest get to leave for weekends or how that works, but it was fun to hang out and play hockey with Ruslan and Vlad, while Bronwyn took her beading kit and spent time with Ira and Tanya.

Bron is using her budding jewelry talents to make the day very special for two girls.

We found some previously donated shoes (thanks Cheryl!!) which we’ve supplied to the orphanage. They aren’t the exact sizes but they are going to try them on anyway before we make the purchases this week. Hopefully some will fit because we’d love to bless all the kids with socks and under garments, they are always in short supply.

Tomorrow morning Irina from SEND LANGUAGE SCHOOL in Kiev (our former teacher) is visiting us at the cafe. Please pray with us that she’ll accept the offer to hire her for lessons. We, along with a few other missionaries are really excited to dive back into study but want to first try and lure a teacher to RZ and pool our resources together that way, instead of us all going to Kiev.

Jono Miller's final few hrs before heading back to NZ. He's been in and out this summer and a blessing for everyone to see again.

Let me leave you with a thought from Spurgeon concerning the privilege of communing with God in prayer.  It reminded me today of the depths and riches of grace which He lavishes upon us in Christ.  Not all of the riches have been spent in securing our eternal residence, but are available today for us if we come to Him in faith, and desire a fresh touch from Him.

“If you had never tasted sweetness, no man living could give you an idea of honey.
Yet if the honey is there, you can “taste and see.” To a man born blind,
sight is a thing beyond imagination; and to one who has never known the
Lord, His probing visits are quite as much beyond conception.

For our Lord to probe us is something beyond the assurance of our
salvation, though that is very delightful, and none of us should rest
satisfied unless we possess it. To know that Jesus loves me, is one thing;
but to be visited by Him in love, is more.

Nor is it simply a close contemplation of Christ; for we can picture Him as
exceedingly fair and majestic, and yet not have Him consciously near us.
Delightful and enlightening as it is to behold the likeness of Christ by
meditation, yet the enjoyment of His actual presence is something more.
I may carry my friend’s picture with me, and yet am not able to say, “You
have visited me and examined me.” – C.H. Spurgeon

Bruce & Deborah Crowe

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  1. Kevin Shelley

    Thank for sharing the quote, Bruce. Very good.

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