Stories in the Missional Journey of Bruce & Deborah Crowe

September 2, 2008

We sold our first Ukrainian website! Remember Oleg the CEO of a building company in Kiev that I had lunch with a couple months ago (met him at the bank). Well we ended up sending him some complimentary logo designs and then never heard from him. Two weeks later I was ordering bacon at a grocery store in Kiev when I gentleman asked if I needed help (which I did, I was ‘butchering’ the pork order), he spoke english fairly well and so we started chatting. He (Igor) handed me his business card and guess what company he worked for? Yep, Eurocon, and Oleg was his boss. This is a city of 3 million people folks, and I know about 10 of them. Not only did he work for that company, but was in charge of reviewing the logos and had just looked at them a few days prior, he was a bit shocked at the co-incidence and so was I. Long story short, we are now having dinner with Igor and his wife in a couple of weeks when things settle down. Oh, then Oleg called me last week and asked if I would come to Kiev and meet at their office. They are doing a ground breaking ceremony for a new Radisson Hotel and business complex on the way to the airport, and they need a site up by October 1. The meeting went well, the proposal was accepted and we’re off to the races! The website will be in English, Russian and Ukrainian. God is good and showing Himself in cool ways like this. Praise Him with me.

We have a meeting scheduled at 9am this Wed (tomorrow) with the Mayor. Pray for favor as we unveil the sister city relationship with Kilgore, Texas.


There is a very cool looking building as you enter the town here in RZ, it has never been fully occupied and just recently has come up for sale. We don’t currently know anything else about it, but a few of us here have had our eyes on it prior it being on the market. Would have to be the Lord if we were to progress on it, I’m sure it’s way out of our financial abilities, but as I encouraged my kids yesterday, God owns a lot of cows on a lot of hills. I believe God is going to open up a door for more public outreach/business downtown, pray with us that it will be obvious and bring Glory to Himself even in the process, wherever that place may be.


[ Inside Russian Orthodox church in Kiev, wasn’t supposed to take any pictures, it slipped!]

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs His steps.” Prov 16:9

Deb’s parents arrive next weekend, we are excited and have lots of work for Neil. I hope he knows we don’t have any hot water, it will be a true missionary experience.



  1. Dana

    that’s awesome

  2. Bo

    Bruce and Deb,
    I can’t help but think about what ya’ll said before you left. Most of your evangelism will be lifestyle. Meeting neighbors and having them over for dinner. In the past, it would be common place to invite a neighbor for dinner here in the States. Today, you would be looked at as strange to invite someone you didn’t already have a pretty deep relationship with. But you are meeting business people, community people, and neighbors and are able to invite them to dinner with hardly knowing them. This is great! Hospitality! Bo

  3. Connie

    God is faithful! He is Faithful. Did I mention that He is faithful? I cannot get away from how wonderful He is to supply what we need when we follow His call. Praising Him with you guys! We pray for you all. Thanks for blogging–it gives us a window into your lives and helps us stay motivated & fresh in prayer. Blessings!

  4. Judy Tomasino

    Thats wonderful! Can’t wait to hear (read) the next installment. Remember, there are no “coincidences” – only times when God chooses to be anonymous….
    be well, God bless,

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