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Rzhyshchiv, Independance Day 2011

Deb explains the process and the kids look in wonder...

As Ukraine celebrates 20yrs of Independence, our little town of Rzhyshchiv does it’s own little party downtown.  We just returned from it.  It seems to be getting just a little bit bigger every year, one more ‘vendor’, an extra thing for the kids, and this year they actually had… COTTON CANDY!   It’s always nice to see neighbors, business and city government friends in this context, people are much more relaxed.. it’s still seems as though Ukrainians are learning how to relax in public, with their history, and current political climate, you can’t blame them for that.

I’d like for us to have a presence downtown at these type of events, not sure exactly ‘what’, but there’s opportunity to become a more visible, caring and involved ‘people’.  For now, we go down, help the vendors by parting with some cash, and the kids love it!

Brothers in arms. Getting ready to go on the bouncy slide.

Our local Orthodox Priest arrives at the festival, he gets front row center.

Traditional Ukrainian dress and vocals entertain to get things started.

This is Shane & Jemimah. Shane is working with me on the Cafe side of the business, and Jemimah tutors Brent and Tucker.. she's also Dan's sister (but don't hold it against her!).

Mosquitos started coming out after this picture, and we headed home, a whole 2 minutes away:) The other day I had a policeman ask me if I was struggling with the current 'economic crisis' here in Ukraine.. I didn't know what he meant, then he pointed to these jeans... to have a purposeful hole in your pants really doesn't make sense, does it?


  1. dorothy crowe

    Thanks Bruce ,
    You make me laugh,
    Love Dad

  2. mom

    what a handsome family, deb’s looking a little tired make sure she gets lots of rest! funny seeing the slides there, must be a pretty big deal. …love…mom

  3. lorrie

    Wow, what a nice and shiny grey suit-reminds me of Billy Burke. You must be in tough economic times with Noah wearing pyjama pants at a festival 🙂

  4. stephanie

    What a great family picture. (Now you are making us do math problems?)

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