roadThis winter has been particularly hard on the already poor road conditions in Ukraine.   As the snow and ice finally started thawing last week, it revealed an even worse hazzard to deal with.  Craters, potholes the size of a small lada.  From side streets to highways, the roads are the worst I’ve ever seen in any country.

All this would be taken in stride if it weren’t for the fact that over $28 million of funds designated for upkeep of these roads hadn’t been embezzled within the corrupt Ukrainian government.  It’s amazing how a country void of a moral compass and ‘me first’ worldview among the leaders trickles down to the paths we collectively travel on.  There’s actually one fairly decent highway remaining in Ukraine, it’s the one that leads to the politicians mansions along the Dnepr… it’s now my preferred ‘safe’ method back from the city.

Sin effects others.  We take, we steal, we lie, or cheat and the reciprocating effects last long after the momentary action.  While these corrupt thugs travel the world and live without accountability, the average Ukrainian walks through mud and water to work because they can’t afford a car.  Those lucky ones that actually do have a vehicle are lining up in the tire repair shop or waiting for parts to fix their suspension.

The roads in Ukraine, littered with massive holes and ready to inflict damage the moment you relax your eyes, is a symbol of a nation that needs a revolution and revelation of Jesus Christ.   It’s bad enough we have to hold our breath as we past the arbitrary police checkpoints pilfering the masses, now we have to hold our breath and close our eyes as we drive over roads fit only for tractors.

We don’t need nice roads to live for God.  We don’t expect nice roads without paying for them.  But when even the roads are an area of corruption, it’s hard to drive on them without being reminded how far a nation can drift from God.

Article in Kiev post about our roads: