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Ready, aim, duck.


We had a good turnout today for our guys paintball.   23 guys in all gathered at our house, signed injury waivers, and waged war for 3hrs.  It was a great time, especially watching my 12yr old son utilize his xbox training and young legs climb the muddy ravines.  Was able to share for a few minutes with the group, and hopefully we can continue building relationships with more guys in the area. 


Noah has been a pleasure to watch ‘grow up’ the past few months.  He’s our baby, and he knows it.  He’s got attitude, and a stubborn streak.  He speaks ‘ronglish’, the kids word for russian+english that doesn’t really make sense.  We all understand the little dude, we hope eventually others will too :).

This Wednesday we are doing our second ‘webcast’ with the Mayor of Kilgore and RZ.  We’re also having the lady in charge of ‘family houses’ (small orphanages) for dinner on Thursday along with some couples interested in taking the required course to take part in this program. 

Deb’s sister Heather arrives on Monday, a last minute trip which Deb is very excited for.  She’ll be here for a week, and has never been to Ukraine. 

Bruce + Deb

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  1. cassie

    What? You understand Noah? I thought we were all in the dark!

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