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Quick Update

Have I mentioned on this blog that Deb is expecting?  With facebook everything is so instantaneous, I’m sure you already know.  We are going to have it in Ukraine, Lord willing, kids are very excited.

This week Simeon and Asia and a willing team of volunteers from church are hosting a week long kids camp.  I’ve heard some good reports, between 35-45 kids from around the community.  The weather right now is chilly and rainy unfortunately, but they are marching along down there.  I’ll try and get some pictures.

Cafe construction was put on hold this week as we address some flooding / leaking issues in several houses.  Mine, Neils, and the little house Sergei & Tanya have been renting are getting some repairs done to avoid further damage.  Thankfully we’re almost there.  We hope to resume down at the Cafe on Monday, and complete the fire inspection, ceiling and attempt to texture the walls (nobody has done it, so we’ll be testing and see who does it best:).

The Gollans are off to Poland this weekend, for their visa renewals.  I’ll be attempting to pull together a couple Sunday services, we’re going to go down to the beach this Sunday and fellowship/share down there, get out from four walls while the weather is so nice!

Bible study has been going well, we’re in the middle of John 3, this verse by verse stuff is very slow but ultimately rewarding.  Enjoying mediation on John 3:14-15, Jesus referring to the manner of His death, that the Son of Man would be lifted up, exalted, elevated to the place for all mankind to see and believe upon (like the story of the serpent in Numbers 21).  Only in Christ is the disease of sin eradicated, Christ becomes sin on our behalf, all out of a motivation of love for mankind, what a God!

Couple things to pray for:

– Shane has started this month helping with preparations for the Cafe logistically.  Pray we hook up with a good distributor for ingredients/desserts/coffee/soft drinks.  Also for a decent POS system (display monitor that you punch in pizza orders).  So many things to figure out.

– For new believers and seekers among and around the body of Christ.  It’s been neat to get to know people outside of the small circle, refreshing, and we can’t take this for granted, we and they need prayer to see more steps of faith taken among them.

– For returning and new students.  Those that have taken steps toward God, that they will return with hearts open for more of God.  For new students to find love and support among God’s church here.  For our big outreach in Sept (Rap concert), wisdom and finances to pull it off, we need about $1000 for posters/tickets/rental/package we’re putting together for students.

– Continued unity among missionaries, Ukrainians, and all believers in this town and Region.

Thanks for checking in, and seriously thank you for praying with us.

Bruce & Deb

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  1. Vicki Doll

    Congratulations to you and Deb! Looking forward to more updates and photos.

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