Hi Everyone!  We’ve been staining trim and getting ready for the final stages at the Cafe.  I’m going down to take some better pictures tomorrow and will post, but wanted to stick this quick video of Brent (my son #2) staining the trim with me today.

The main things left are:

– Kitchen Equipment (Pizza Oven, Range, Counters, Prep Station, Coffee Machine)
– Gas & Electric “projects/permits” (private to business is a huge task in Ukraine)
– Pizza!  Well, all the stuff to make it:)

Kolya smiles as we check out 3 more carts of materials for Cafe

Please pray with us for remaining materials/finances.  We’re running low on the cash, been pouring a lot of personal reserves into this, but with a baby coming and Christmas travel we really need a Christmas miracle to have this place open for the New Year! Specifically, we need $10-12k to complete the kitchen.

The Lighthouse Cafe project has been a dream for several years, shared by several other missionaries here as well.  Our property is smack dab in the middle of our town, we have 1500 college students, and only a cold old theater (for disco on the weekends) and several dingy bars.   Operating fully as a for profit business on the first level, our goal is for the Cafe to be self sustaining so we can utilize the second floor for discipleship and other new business opportunities as God enables and provides.  We are purposefully ‘not’ wanting this property to be a ‘church’, but to function as a viable Christian business that supports and promotes Christian activity in the area.

We’re almost ready to open our “Love of Christ” mercy ministry in the garage out back.  We’ve been collecting clothes for families in need.  Pray for this ministry, it needs leadership as well as vision.  We have enough clothes to start and serve probably 10-20 families as winter sets in.  Many Ukrainians are already freezing in their homes, especially the elderly who survive on pensions and the gas / electric prices are continuing to rise.   I’m personally very excited about seeing this ministry take off, together with the Cafe it provides a great 1-2 punch, legitimate business and the love of God.

Deb is doing great, she just returned from Kiev today for another round of tests.  She has had more tests than our previous 6 kids, Ukrainians really love their tests… but we’re happy with the hospital and Doctors.. even with the language barrier.  Our baby girl is growing well, today Deb felt her kick for the first time:)

Bruce & Deb
rzhyschiv, Ukraine