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Property Update

We spent the week arranging the international wire transfer for the property purchase downtown. Amazing amount of details to overcome, but we think things are ready now. We sent a test amount and it was rejected, the Ukrainian side is very particular about how exactly the forms are filled out. Anyway, we are re-scheduled to sign on Thursday of next week, and the money should arrive early next week barring hold ups. Svetlana in Ukraine, and April in Texas have been working hard to help this all get organized, what a blessing they are!

Andrei Murzin is coming down this weekend with his family and staying with us. Andrei will share at church, he is a respected teacher and a great friend in Christ.

Temps are hovering around freezing, or a bit below, not bad at all. The pipes are holding up!

We attempted to get to our Russian lessons in Kiev tonight, but the traffic was unbearable and we got trapped downtown. I completely forgot how helpless you are when you get stuck in Kiev, we literally were in the car for 4 1/2hrs today, and all we did was go to the bank and eat dinner. The Indian food was almost worth the trip, almost!

Thanks for checking in, please pray for next week property transactions, we need it!

Bruce & Deb

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  1. Dad

    People would not understand Kiev ,unless they were there.No laws!
    Hope this building works out,We miss you guys terrible.
    Planning a visit in the new year,
    Love Dad

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