Over the past two weeks, our busy little team of construction workers have begun the 2nd floor on our new Mission Building. I took a little drone footage for you!

When we began this project, I felt a certain peace about progressing slowly, not with timelines and the stress of all that brings. Maybe it’s living in Ukraine for 14yrs, but being present, enjoying the people and generative synergy that comes from ‘creating’ new things is something I continue to grow in.

One of the surprises has been that God has given us two, fine young men, both orphans from the ‘system’ that are plugged in, and an important part of our growing community. They both now work at Lighthouse as baristas, but also, for extra money, have been working hard carrying the blocks and hauling things around all day for our builders. They are learning practical things too, obviously, and skills beyond latte art! 🙂

Vanya and Nazar are two great guys, learning how to build, and we’re learning how to grow alongside them in a community of welcoming love.

Vanya (blue jacket above), is from the Donetsk region, and was introduced to us last year during the partner summer project with Glow Ministries (hi Dar!). We saw potential in him, and a willing heart to work. He’s lived next door to us this past year, adopted his first pet (a cat named Emma) and now, through a series of events, purchasing his first house. God loves this dude.

Vanya, Deb, Claire and I moving him in last week. He’s been blessed with a 2 bedroom house, a new fridge, washing machine, and microwave… as well as we let him take a bed, linens and such from our guest house. God loves the fringes, the forgotten, the orphan. He raises them up, showcases his love, it’s a joy to partner with the ongoing love of the Spirit.

This past week we had Deb’s parents visiting for the first time in 3yrs! Life is catching up with us, we all complained about aches, pains, getting old and what really matters in the end. The kids really loved having them around, not often these days they get to be with grandparents unfortunately with all the travel issues.