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Preparing for Vladivostock, Russia

We're going to Far, Far, Far East Russia.

We’re going to Far, Far, Far East Russia.

When we were in Rostov, Russia a few months ago, we met a young couple planning to start a DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in far east Russia.   We appreciated their heart for the Lord, and their passion to reach people with the gospel in Russia.

They have asked me to come and share for the week of Sept 15-23rd.  I’ve asked fellow missionary Simeon Ewing to join me as Deb is much too pregnant for the 12hrs of flying.

We started the year praying and believing for new doors, and directionally towards Russia.  This will be the 2nd trip to Russia so far this year as we continue to take faith steps.

Who would have thought that a year ago Ukraine would have overthrown it’s President and be warring in the East?  The Ukrainian / Russian relations are being strained to say the least – Whether you are talking on the street, or listening to a sermon in Church, the current struggles are on everyone’s minds and hearts in this part of the world.

I believe God knows the heart of man.  He knows that in spite of our intentions, without a spiritual work and transformation, we are bent towards evil, selfishness, and destruction.  The humanistic worldview that permeates our global culture preaches that man is good.  This is not what the gospel teaches – Jesus didn’t come for good people, he suffered for wicked, lost, and undeserving rebels, and everyone in between!

The coming of Jesus Christ, if you believe Him to be the Messiah, was an indictment upon all flesh.  He came to seek and save the lost.  We cannot rectify or sanctify our state without His help.  We are all truly lost, truly gone astray, and desperately deceived if we believe otherwise.

Lately, this world seems to be increasing in terrible events and news. Perhaps it’s the globally connected world we live in, bringing to our finger tips the evil with lightning speed and convenience.  In any case, there is no righteous country, or people group that is exempt from the judgment of God, nor His amazing mercies.  The Kingdom of God is the primary residence of His redeemed – this world, thankfully, is not our home!

I move forward through open doors because I believe God leads.  I feel His heart for the hungry in spirit, the seeking but not yet found.  He is looking for volunteers to go into this world and make disciples.  This mission is not for a select few, I believe it’s for all of us.  It’s a mission that takes us into our own communities, families, and workplace.   It’s a mission to young and old alike, singles, marrieds, Americans and even Canadians.

Thank you Lord for allowing us to follow you to new places.  May your Kingdom continue to grow in spite of the evil days.



  1. mom

    as a mother and grandmother its not easy to trust God in this, if I dwell on where you are and what your doing I give the devil a foothold in my fears and they grow. The Lord has to continually steers my mind away from the worldly view of the situations you put yourself and family into and remind me you are in His hands and that your heart (and deb’s) is to be obedient to Him. You are never far from my thoughts and prayers…love you …mom

  2. Zack Loving

    Hi Bruce. It’s great that God has opened doors for you into Russia. It almost seems a coincidence for me to read your blog today. I have met some new friends while here at a missions aviation training facility near Anchorage. Right now there are 2 Russians and 1 Ukranian guy here that are learning to fly. It is their heart to go back to their people with the Gospel and the tool of aviation.

    The director here lived for 7 years in Russia and has a foundation laid for missions aviation in far east Russia. He has already trained one pilot and they are working on moving a small plane over to Providenya for him to use.

    Please pray for this work if you have a moment. Who knows, perhaps they could be of service to you one day! Keep the updates coming. Oh, also pray for my meager attempts to learn Russian…

  3. Zack Loving

    Also, thanks for this __
    “I move forward through open doors because I believe God leads. I feel His heart for the hungry in spirit, the seeking but not yet found. He is looking for volunteers to go into this world and make disciples. This mission is not for a select few, I believe it’s for all of us.”

    Major encouragement!!

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