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Prayer Request


Over 1000 towns in Ukraine have been without electricity since yesterday’s snow storm:  click to read, including Rzschyschiv.

Our town lost electricity last night around midnight.  We have been on generator power (thankful we have one!) for about 12hrs and staying warm on our main floor.  We were blessed with 2-3 ft of snow over the past 24hrs, it’s deep and gorgeous to behold (from behind a warm window).  If you wouldn’t mind praying for the electricity to return with us, we hear it’s regional and several towns are without it. 

My parents arrive tomorrow night, we are supposed to get another 40-50cm of snow.  The roads to Kiev are not good, so it could be an interesting next 48hrs. 

We are at the mercy of little knowledge or understanding of how things actually work or get fixed here.  Nobody really knows, they just quietly wait and keep their small little houses as warm as possible.  I seriously need a wood stove, a forest stands next to me.  We will become the Walton’s yet:).  Deb is forcing the boys to use the outhouse as our toilets won’t flush, they have to trek through snow to their waist, so they really have to be sure!

Funny how we can’t get water or heat, but my internet modem works just fine.  We’ve got our essentials!  SOS.

Bruce & Deb

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  1. Dave

    Your cries for help have been heard, my friend. Will be praying for you and the area. A wood stove would be great! I would recommend it. (no really, Dana, I would 😉 ).

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