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Prayer Request

As many of you know, I am desperately trying to get Permanent Residence in Ukraine. It’s been an arduous task to say the least, I shudder to think of the ‘man hrs’ spent between Svetlana, Alyosha and Natasha, and myself. This August it will be 1yr since we applied, and every month has been filled with trips to Kiev, government offices, paperwork, stamps, and more paperwork. I would have surrendered a long time ago but we’re in too deep now!

Anyway, when in the US two weeks ago we were told that we needed new criminal record checks. The ones we paid for and submitted (at Ukraine’s direction) TWICE were rejected and we needed ones directly from the US. Because we were in the US, both Deb and I raced to the nearest fingerprinting station and submitted the applications. This week mine arrived, yeah! But… we needed to now get them translated. So Alyosha spent the day in Kiev trying to do just that.. however nobody believes that the document is an original because it’s not littered with stamps and signatures.. They won’t translate it because they think it’s a copy!!!

Please pray for this. It’s road blocks like this that are so frustrating. Not only has our permanent residence stalled (with time ticking on my truck which I can’t drive past August without this going through), but we’re now faced with spending more money and time to prove the official document from Texas is in fact an original.. which will take multiple visits to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the US Embassy.. it’s both the ignorance of Ukraine and the corruption of Ukraine on display.

What makes this even more frustrating is the fact that we’ve already applied with all documents TWICE now (all medical, criminal records and payments) and because these documents are only good for 6 months, we’re approaching the possibility of a THIRD round of the same documents because Ukraine is chalked full of inept government workers and zero desire for doing their jobs – they find pleasure in sending you ’round the bin’ multiple times, it’s job security.

We can only hope that they get tired of our visits, complaining, and give us the coveted new passport/stamps we need just to get rid of us. It’s a war of attrition and we need spiritual strength and grace to stick to this path.

Bruce & Deb

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  1. Lance

    Hi Bruce, just curious if you are applying for PR cards as a Canadian or American citizen? Also, are you using a lawyer or going direct to Kyiv office for everything? Are you registered at a local residence in Ukraine, your whole family?

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