We have had a series of ‘unfortunate events’ recently relating to thievery around our property and in our house. With the dozens upon dozens of various neighborhood kids playing in our backyard, it’s been hard to nail down who are the guilty parties. We have been growing in genuine love for these kids, many of them ‘returnees’ from last summer. It’s disappointing that a few are giving way to temptation of this magnitude, today we returned to find out while we were in Kiev, some boys broke into our house.

We haven’t found anything missing on this particular instance, and material ‘things’ aren’t what we are asking for prayer about. Through a series of ‘fortunate’ events we have, we believe, narrowed the escapades from the past few weeks down to two little dudes. The two families represented need the Lord. One family is extremely poor, and has 15 children, they are not Christians. The second family the parents are alcoholics, and we’re told encourage (perhaps even force) their son to steal, sell at the market quickly and furnish them with money for their drinking.

While we don’t see the human heart, it’s motives nor understand perfectly the situation, we do need to address this. We plan to visit both families this week in an attempt to reach out to these families. I am not angry, nor is Deb upset. We both feel a sense of sorrow over the condition of these families, who represent more than likely more Ukrainian families today than we realize. Only God can change the human heart, rescue from sin and give new life. We want our God to show up in this situation, not to scare kids away, but use it draw them in even more.. as friends and not thieves.

Thank you for your prayers!
Bruce & Deb