Prayer for Ukraine


To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world. ~ Karl Barth

This morning believers gathered in the public square for prayer and patriotic singing.  Most of the gathered were from the Baptist Church, with a sprinkling of the other churches.  A handful of passerby’s stopped and listened for portions of the hour.

Andrei Murzin our friend from Kiev came and shared what God is doing in Ukraine.  He's been very involved with the Kiev Maiden Christian outreaches.

Andrei Murzin our friend from Kiev came and shared what God is doing in Ukraine. He’s been very involved with the Kiev Maiden Christian outreaches.


While it didn’t attract hundreds, it was an important public step for Christianity which in these parts is limited to the strict Orthodox form and inside the four walls of the church.

Afterwards church leaders in our town gathered to discuss continued efforts to awaken the people of our town to God. It was decided to hold another such gathering this coming Sunday.

It’s interesting how Christians in various denominations view public prayer and perhaps prayer in general.  Is it a monologue, or a dialogue?  Is it most effective in short bursts or long passionate pleas?

“Groanings which cannot be uttered are often prayers which cannot be refused.”  ~ Charles Spurgeon

IMG_1379IMG_1380IMG_1385 I don’t think God cares much for forms,  whether we stand, sing, shout or say ‘amen’ at the right moment.  He looks to the heart, for sincerity, faith and passion.  I hope regardless of the formats these services hold, God hears our prayers, and the community awakens to the spiritual realities around them.  God is not dead, and the fear surrounding the political tensions can work to draw hearts to Him for real comfort.

The gospel is so simple, isn’t it?  God wants a relationship with you and I.  We need to lay down our weapons of rebellion and surrender in faith.  We need to remind ourselves here that neighboring countries, nor their leaders are the greatest enemy- our true enemy is not with flesh and blood (Eph 6:12).  God through His Son done has completed our rescue, won our victory from the real enemy 2000yrs ago on the Cross.

We have to make sure we don’t overly complicate the simple act of coming to Him.

I pray that in the coming weeks, regardless of the political situation that we as the church will embody this simple message – clearly caring, sharing and living in a manner worthy of the simple, but powerful gospel message.

Thanks for checking in,

Bruce & Deb

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