Abbey (yellow boots) playing with her classmates in her Kindergarten.

Abbey (yellow boots) playing with her classmates in her Kindergarten.

On October 25 Ukraine will hold local elections.  The tensions are rising in our small community.  Old powers are desperate to hold on, and many new political forces arising.  Playing ‘fair’ has never been a strong suit for this country – the are attempting to show a brand of democracy, but it’s a contaminated one to say the least.

I suspect you will be watching or reading of Ukraine’s elections in the next few weeks – we pray they are non-violent, but there’s a definite subdued tension in the air.  As I type this, we have members of 3 different political parties in our Cafe.  Each in their own ‘section’ of the Cafe, not wanting to be near the other.

While there may not be the overt ‘bribing’ of voters, there are many forms of incentive that candidates are using.  One guy locally has bought a bus for the town, and is shuttling folks around – the catch?  His face is plastered on the side.  Some other parties are using intimidation, walking around town, visiting shops and pestering customers.

Here’s an article from the Kyiv Post on other forms of ‘incentive’ these guys use!

Nobody seems to share the vision of what they ‘WILL DO’ if elected, but “Here’s what I’m doing now.”   Surely the Ukrainian voter sees through this – in fact I would think the gifting parties only reveal the nature of their politics – after all, one who gives such gifts for votes will see no harm in receiving them as well right?

There are some candidates that long for a ‘new’ Ukraine, one that operates by new principles that emulate the west.  They are stuck watching others use old tools to secure votes and hope folks see past the tactics.  I’m not sure what the future holds for such idealists.. but I admire their pursuit of change and a better future for themselves and their families.

I’m thankful for the Kingdom of God, the government of God, the all powerful, all knowing, just and loving King.  He won’t be bought, He can’t be overthrown, and is faithful, laying down His life in Christ.   He doesn’t ask for our votes, but He’s shown us His nature on the Cross and provides us each a way to join His family.

Only He is worthy of the center of our devotion, to be the center of our motivation from which all motivations flow.

The LORD has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all.  Psalm 103: 19