Please Pray With Us

Tonight we gathered in our Home Groups, we began a 3 week discussion/study on prayer.  We reviewed around 30 places in the bible where someone calls out to God for some reason or another, and God responds.  Scripture is amazingly filled with unique encounters of answered prayer.  We are truly born to ‘connect’ and ‘commune’ with God.  For whatever the reason, I’m too often filled with an aversion to seek God for answers, for provision, for something transformative to take place.  I’d rather work hard, lean on my understanding and natural abilities to open up the doors before me.  This not only keeps God from showing Himself more regularly in my life, but keeps Him from drawing attention to Himself in the world around me.  How often have we settled for the answer before us, when God was inclined to show us favor and change circumstances if we would just pray?  I’m thinking we’ll find out that answer when He opens the Book.  How dissapointing will it be when we watch the account of our life and realize God was willing to respond more often than we were to pray? 

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”  Heb 11:6

We have found a plot of land in the center of town that would be perfect to build the Family Center/Cafe.  We ‘feel’ good about it, we are in prayer for the owners to show us favor and sell it for a reasonable price.  One of the owners is willing to sell their half, the other is not convinced they want to sell and over the next week they will consider our inquiry.  Pray with us would you?  God is interested in the means, we want God to be glorified in this process so we are making this more public.  He has determined, as we see in scripture, to work through His people as they pray and believe Him. 


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