We had a cool time with incoming college students last week during our Pizza Day Event. Pray we are able to once again connect deeply with those who’s hearts are open and love effectively those who are not quite there yet!
Thanksgiving Fest downtown Kiev celebrated Christian themes and over 50k joined a concert at night featuring several International guests.  Such freedom & opportunity.
Our youngest three, good to get them out of the little village we live in to explore the capital city once in a while.  Always happy to get home though, we love Rzyschiv ;0

This week I’ve been attempting to rest my shoulder after surgery. Added to the physical setback and not-so-fun rehab, I’ve managed to lose my voice for the second time in two weeks. I already have such a weak voice, think whisper. Yesterday was a hard day, discouraged by my limitations and weakness.

God’s strength is made perfect in weakness

Some of our crew downtown Kiev – Tucker has surpassed Brent and might now be the tallest in the family at 15yrs old!

What do we do when we fail? Who do we turn to when we can’t lift something, or even talk to someone 3ft in front of you? I’ve been turning to my wife, poor thing. She’s even my chauffeur now – it’s caused a few laughs and she prays its not a sign of the future! 

My new shoulder gear, even have to sleep with it for first few weeks – but on the bright side, they threw in this squeeze ball that my girls thinks is AWESOME – Claire even took a bite out of it already.
My view as Deb drove me around today.  The back seat gives me more room for this crazy shoulder brace – plus makes me feel important.

The Apostle Paul, when confronted with false teachers and accusations pointed to weakness as a sign of his right to speak to the Corinthian church. They had been under the spell of worldly men, proud and self acknowledging. Instead of boasting in his flesh, he affirmed that those who follow Jesus, they have little rights in this world – we are a broken, surrendered people wafting the aroma of Jesus in every place.

I wish I could say that I’ve been pleasant to be around in my physical weakness. I haven’t been. I’ve complained a lot, frustrated at my range of movement and speed. My heart is slowly releasing its stubborn grip. I beginning to thank Jesus that I need not impress anyone, nor perform to be accepted & loved by the Creator. I think this is part of being reminded of our weakness, even our sinful hearts at times – that through this acknowledgment of dependence on others, on Jesus, we find rest in the merits and agape love of Christ – not our own strength.

What deception to find false refuge in the ‘arm of the flesh.’

Strength in weakness. Learning.

“The church is not made up of spiritual giants; only broken men can lead others to the cross” – Bosch

Spent the afternoon, without my brace, working at the table with Sveta, Mir’s new marketing/design staff – We’re mapping out new social media strategy which includes ‘not’ me!  Also a really cool outreach concert event for our City in one month!