Stories in the Missional Journey of Bruce & Deborah Crowe

Photo Update

Love this shot, trampoline kids sitting along our house, John sitting in the middle

Loving our new camera, thank you God!  Enjoy a quick photo update!


Early morning prayer at the cafe

Alyosha takes his work seriously!
Tom & Vlad finishing the stairs
George watches on as the Johns install wood around the border of cafe
Group leader John Wilson used to model for Ford, now he’s posing along the Dnepr.

Team enjoys the best view in RZ, along the high ridge overlooking Dnepr. Broderic in the middle sporting their cool shirt.

Terribly excited the Dominos Pizza has arrived in Ukraine! We definitely need to get our own delivery scooter!

Deb and I

View of RZ as you pull into the habor

Brent enjoying some time with his Mom
Church meeting this past Sunday

I thought this was a good shot, bottle of vodka at the beach, this is Ukraine.


  1. Dana

    yay for REAL pizza!!!!! 🙂

  2. dorothy crowe

    Nice pictures,glad the new camera is spurning you to take more.
    Wish I was there! Is there a farmer amoung the NY group? Ha Ha!
    Love Dad

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