Explorer’s Bible Study Group

Beginning this Sunday evening at the Big House 6:30p – Dive deeper into matters of faith, philosophy, meaning of life with fellow sojourners.

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Weekend Update

Our first Leaders Retreat for the year was wonderful! For some it was a time of refreshing, for others it was an important time of hearing from the Lord in very important life decision matters.  I’m going to just post some photos now in hopes that I’ll have more time later to share some testimonies and ways God is shaping this core for future mission. Very encouraged, humbled, and ready for a nap!

Thank everyone for praying – we had several send us notes that they were lifting us all up. 34 young leaders, from around Ukraine, Belarus, France and US – those hungry to grow, deepen their faith and see the Kingdom of God come in legit ways to our generation.

You can follow us on Facebook Group for details of upcoming events – come on over!  Teach, share, give, fuel this emerging generation with us 🙂 Click here

Here’s a few slides form our Leadership & Spiritual formation review – it’s taken from some the books I’m having to read from Fuller and learning over the past few semesters – so good!

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Here we go!

Says, “Disconnect, Refresh, Grow” – the theme of our upcoming weekend.

Big week coming up. We have +30 descending upon our houses, emerging leaders from Belarus, US, Ukraine and Russia! Amazing to see how God is uniting and connecting. 

Last few days having all our kids under one roof. We enjoyed an evening last night of sharing, things God doing in our hearts, lessons learning, and opened our ‘thankful box’ – a small little treasure chest of written things we collect which we’re thankful for through the year. The funniest part was around half of the pieces of paper in the box were scribbles from Claire.. who knows what she was drawing or thinking about 🙂

We took some photos today down by the Dnepr. It was chilly. There’s this large ship barge thing stuck in the ice, awaiting spring.. I thought it would make an interesting backdrop. Here are a few of our photos!

Please pray for :

  •  Travel and Logistics for our upcoming discipleship weekend!
  • Remaining planning.. it’s a lot of work with basically only one vehicle among us able to drive these roads . Thankful some friends are helping with a meal, and local restaurant agreed to make another ‘to go’. Water, electricity, all things we do not take for granted here hosting a group like this.. anything could happen!
  • Our times of prayer, creative listening, and some training I’m leading in the area of developing a story-line of your life, formation areas God has and is now leading us all individually – I’m really excited for sharing some of the leadership and missiology God has been forming me with over the past year via Fuller. It’s such amazing stuff and liberating!
  • First of February will be heading to Texas for few days – Sharing at Christ for the Nations, Dallas (missions dept) as we partner in some cool new things in 2019! Also will be in Longview to visit our sending church and try and prepare our house for sale – it’s a big step for us and feels like pulling up final roots in East Texas as a family.  I think we’ll stay over here ha!
  • My arm is 80% healed and it is amazing, so thankful. Need to continue strengthening.
  • I’m back into Fuller school work, almost finished my first year! Some amazing reading, I’ll post some of the best books of 2018 and some I’ve started this year soon.

Praise! We were able to raise $7500 on facebook towards these discipleship weekends. We are very thankful!  Around 12 first time givers participated, which was our hope, to connect and get more prayer, awareness and investing into next generation in Slavic world.

We also picked up another charity who will sponsor monthly a new area of ministry I will reveal soon. As well, we’re continuing to work towards a possible new platform in Eastern Ukraine. One of the cool things with this Mir Leaders group is that we’re not, as a family, the only ones charting a course, but gathering as a team to wait on the Lord, discern together and move when we have unity and excitement.

Thanks for checking in!


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Happy New Year 2019!

L-R [Brent 17, Clark 13, Tucker 15, Noah 11, Broderic 21, Bruce 32 ha]

Received back our two oldest Broderic and Bronwyn from the US this holiday season. Enjoying it, amazed how quickly life is moving. We opened presents yesterday & everyone enjoyed watching the littlest ones open gifts with joyous sparkles in their eyes. What would Christmas be without kids?

Trying to get our ice rink use-able but the weather and our local fire department not been cooperative! Using our home hose is an exercise in patience and balancing my wife’s anxiety over water levels 🙂 Tomorrow we are hosting a small Orthodox Christmas, western style, here at our house with friends from Kiev, and Rzyschiv.

Spending most of my time the past few days praying, and now planning our first of several Mir Leadership weekends January 18.  Currently 25 are registered, from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, US and France.. they will descend up on our little town for 2-3 days of prayer, studying together, and spiritual formation as we work towards empowered missional activity. We are doing this by faith, without a specific model to follow besides some guiding principles from scripture. I love working from a blank slate – pioneering together with other sojourning souls.

Several new partners and things to pray about too! Partners in Eastern Ukraine ready and willing, sponsors and another charity entrusting us with a discretionary children’s fund for those in most desperate situations – sometimes my head and heart isn’t sure where to focus attention. I’m reminded recently of the centrality of the Cross, the place where we find life ultimately. There is no life without first death, considering ourselves new creatures, our lives hidden now in Christ – our answers, direction, wisdom, joy all in Him. When we’re not sure where to focus, centering our hearts in this place, the Cross of Christ, is a very safe, and rewarding place to begin!

Thanks for checking in! I lost my tools that track if anyone visits our blog anymore, so I’m not sure if I’m writing to anyone out there, or just posterity. Feel free to shoot me an email or post a comment 🙂

Bruce & Deb

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