This little cutey has loved her Nana and Papa - but has been asking every day about her classmates in Ukraine :)

This little cutey has loved Canada but asks regularly about returning to Ukraine – sweet:)

In Canada for our last weekend.  We will fly out Tuesday, arriving on Wednesday in Ukraine.  It’s been a wonderful trip, we feel extremely blessed to be able to come back now three Christmas’s in a row.

Our hearts (and bellies) are full as we pack, and wrap up final details.  Traveling with one less on our return – Broderic seems to be doing well into his 3rd week of college in Texas.

Last few days I've played Hockey and it's been SO fun! I really miss the game.

Last few days I’ve played Hockey and it’s been SO fun! I really miss the game.

I’ve been working on a blog that highlights some of the things the Lord has encouraged us with, and general observations in the area of mission and church.  It’s turned into a novel and might be too sobering and theological for our blog readers – but I intend to publish it soon.  God has been gracious to help us begin to form, through pastor friends, books and His leading a missional template for the next few years.

Over the past few weeks several surprise donations have been received.  Thank you!  It’s been so encouraging to see how God has put our ministry and family on various hearts.  We didn’t do any fundraising this trip, but entrusted this coming year to the Lord and see Him provide for some ministry growth – will share more soon!

Flying around the US last week - such perspective from 30k feet!

Flying around the US last week – such perspective from 30k feet!

Been busy preparing to teach the Gospel of John the week of Feb 15 in Minsk, Belarus.  It’s an intense week teaching 19 classes in 5 days!  I’m feeling pretty good about it, but honestly never attempted anything like this before – I feel bad for the Belorussian students though, have to listen to me for 1,500 minutes – Pray for us all!

My Grandma - she's an amazing woman, runs the books for 2 family businesses, and serves at youth ministry 2x per week.

My Grandma – she’s an amazing woman, runs the books for 2 family businesses, and serves at youth ministry 2x per week.

The Gospel of John is so incredible – written that we may know that Jesus was the Messiah of the world and that we would experience life in Him.  Thank you Jesus for life in Christ.

On the heels of the Minsk teaching trip we have a team of 15 joining us from Texas, joining up with some from Minsk and our own youth as we host a week of Awaken Creative Workshops and Worship Nights.

Pray as well for us as we need to hit the road running in Ukraine when we return – talking to colleges, forming up some teams for logistics, food, housing and everything else.  Pray for the week of March 4-12 specifically that the Holy Spirit will move mightily in hearts, awaken us all to your reality and presence Lord!

IMG_3115On the heels of the Awaken week, a few of us will head to Vladivostok, Russia – Far East Russia.   I’ll be (if I can find tickets!!) teaching a DTS week on the Kingdom of God and a cool side group of part time students who want to dig into scripture more but work full time and can only meet at nights and weekends.   God is working.

God is working all around us isn’t He?  Open your heart to the presence of God, care for others, listen and enter His harvest – He’s the Lord of it!

Thanks for staying in touch – please don’t hesitate to drop us a comment or email anytime as well!  It’s so cool to hear from friends, family and even random folks that come across our blog.

Bruce & Deb