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Opportunity to Give

I’d like you to consider helping donate toward a good cause here in Rzschichiv. Jono Miller has been diligently working on establishing a legal business here in town, for the purpose of teaching english in the schools as a ministry. This process has been, as you can imagine from my previous ukrainian experiences, quite difficult for a foreigner – especially a missionary with a limited budget and income. Jono has been pushing forward in faith, and made amazing progress. He now has 4 official students and in his second week of class. There is a lot of potential with this outreach and I’m very excited personally to see it established.

Now comes the challenge! Jono has run into some legal issues relating to his visa status/work permit and the business itself. I’ve encouraged him to connect with my friend Alex and his law office and do this right. Some local authorities have already notified Jono that he has some missing documentation and may be doing this illegally. It is virtually impossible to do anything here ‘legally’ without experience in law and connections. Jono has hired this law office officially as of today, and the total cost to ‘straighten it all out’ and help Jono get the right permits and continue this ministry, is $1300. Deb and I are going to help him personally with this cost, but would also like your help if the Lord leads you.

Please consider donating through this website, or by donating through our church ( This ministry is ground breaking in the sense that there isn’t any other ministry like this in RZ, and it’s a really big ‘in’ to the schools and building relationships with families in the community.

I would like to see us raise $500 toward the legal cost by October 1. I’ve confirmed with Alex this will be ‘turn key’ and I trust him. Considering the amount of paperwork (literally 4 inches thick) they have to wade through, and the professional guidance we will get, this is a great investment toward securing a ministry for the Lord here. If more comes in, it will go toward the overall costs and I’ll keep you all posted!



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  1. Jono

    Thanks Bruce. God alone can build this house or I labour in vain. But great to not be alone humanly speaking too. Praise Him, there are now 8 students signed up with more interest shown this week.

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