It’s been a year since we had all of our children under one roof. This year, Broderic and Bronwyn’s itinerary wasn’t able to overlap much. For one day (today) we were able to enjoy having everyone together.

It just happened to coincide with Clark’s 14th birthday. Monday Lighthouse is closed. We pulled some strings and held a little private party.

Bitter sweet.

Happy birthday Mr. Clark (hat on). 14 looks good on you.

I wanted to mark the occasion with a family photo of course, and a post. Something tells me as these young adults find their way and build their lives, these moments will become increasingly rare.

We rejoice in their adaptation to western culture and yet preserving the things that we all hold dear. Through the mercy of helping family they are working hard and landing on their feet. Examples for Brent and Tucker as these next arrows prepare to fly. Broderic is working full time at Disney in Orlando and continuing his studies online with University of Florida. Bronywn is helping lead a Harrisburg cohort of musicians with Visible Music College while also working and continuing her Bachelors.

Neither have any debt, they’re breaking the system!

To the world. Bring influence and love to this hurting world. Listen, and continue to learn. You make this father & mother proud.

I wouldn’t mind if some of these arrows flung around and served with us one day. For now, they are being formed, growing where they should be. Now I know how my own father feels. He still asks me when I will return home, 25 years later.

Bronwyn (aka the ‘bronner’) is beloved by her little sisters.

I hope to update more soon – We have a leaders weekend coming up soon January 24-26 with +25 young believers coming to collaborate and grow personally and as a missional community. Making some important changes at Lighthouse the past few months. Change is always difficult, and part of a healthy life rhythm. We must stay agile, holding things that are unessential, loosely.

Praying for discernment here out of the gate in 2020. When to sit, when to stand, when to walk, and when to run. Right now, I feel we are to wait on the Lord more intentionally, to wait for the fruit that remains. Abide. More being in our doing.

Bruce & Deb