Would love to blog more about the progress and many things taking place the past few weeks.  I can’t remember a day in the past 2 weeks that I stopped to take a breath.  There are so many things we are racing to prepare for, including:

  • Our Canada/US trip in 3 weeks.
  • Fall 2017 new “YFM-Year for Mission”program.
  • MIR new website, social media, videos, telling our story.
  • Developing new Media team (starting to form up!)

Added to the mix, our US business is once again going through some restructuring.  It’s been an amazing conduit of blessing for many families over the years, not the least being our family and ministry.  However, again much needed changes to allow it to continue.  Amazing guys, but some will need to move on.

I love their heart though, we have all grown so much together, as men, fathers, husbands.  Please pray for us as we make difficult decisions.  From our end, the timing couldn’t be ‘worse’ in the sense that I’m fully engaged here – but we daily trust and move forward.

We meet tonight with Club 180 youth for the first time since the concert.  We hope to see some new faces, but realize it’s a big step for folks to do new things.  We continually pray for the seeds and response from last week.  We have sent all attendees an encouraging text this week, and pray we can connect together with more hearts.

Vikente is here this week.  He’s the eldest son of Peter and Inessa in Minsk, directors of the Bible College and ministry there.  He’s a center piece of several musical elements, including the band there, he works at the studio, and is one of the main leaders of the emerging church that meets in the building.

He and I are reforming all social media, website, processes for the new missions program and for MIR Ministries the US Charity.  We’re also bringing in Vova (designer and youth helper here) to help us.  There’s so many moving parts, but God is adding, directing, and next week I hope to fly again to Minsk to finalize some important ‘directional’ decisions, and implement our plan for communication and casting the ‘net’ for incoming new students into the program.

Thank you for praying!  We need energy.  Our family has been under the weather, Claire is almost healed from a nasty fall which gave her two black eyes.  The weather outside is beaming with Spring newness, and with that, it’s allergy season!

Get ready for some new exciting updates soon for the School and ministry efforts as we bridge Lighthouse Cafe, the College, and provide really cool opportunities for young people in and outside of the Russian/Ukrainian speaking world.

Bless y’all!

Bruce & Deb