The truck protests in Ottawa continue, in their third week. My dad is still there, parked legally with receipts for the meter along the road. The PM has declared the emergency act, the equivalent of martial law in the US over hundreds of peaceful protestors, whom the government and media have demonized.

This morning I read an article from 2 years ago entitled “Canada is sinking into totalitarianism” – It’s amazing how what sounds ludicrous can so quickly become a reality in a short time. It’s an interesting read for anyone interested in the precipitating events leading up to the movement of Marxist socialism in Canadian politics.

It’s a shame that most Canadians have been both aware of this trajectory, and essentially done nothing about it until now. The trucker convoy is just a spark, igniting the type of government response that affirms the ideological motivations at work from those in power. Many Canadians are so lulled to sleep by illusions of safety from their ‘responsible’ Government, that even the thought that their government is tightening the noose of liberty around the ‘common’ person’s freedom causes simply repeated narratives, rhetoric that bypasses reason and common sense. Independent thought has been replaced by group think, unity by uniformity, and stage is set for a last gasp hope towards genuine democracy, or the very autocracy Canadians set out to be emancipated from when they left the shores of the old country.

Forget about what pundits write about, you need only read for yourself the the World Socialist Website (WSWS).

The WSWS (World Socialist Website) whose ultimate goal is the “influence of a socialist political movement guided by a Marxist world outlook” proudly support the Prime Minister of Canada’s strategy of ignoring and denouncing legitimate concerns raised about vaccine mandates. Remember when this was essentially about holding a democratically elected government in check for extreme mandates?

Are Canadians seriously cool with Marxism? Do they even know what this means? Has anyone read history? The federal government’s refusal to acknowledge the content of the grievances of million’s of Canadians is a showcase of the ideology at work. If anything, this protest has pulled the lid off the vision of freedom these ideologues have. Hint… it’s not what you had in the past. Socialist, communist regimes produced the greatest ideological carnage in human history, killing more than a hundred million people in the last century. Secular humanism insists that with the right leaders, it can still work, but the seeds of Hegel have been at the root of every failed attempt, and they are embedded clearly in the heart of many western leaders, like Trudeau who openly embrace the principles of socialism.

Here’s a little primer on Marxism from USA Today –

Thankfully we are free in Christ, as a gift, which no government power can take from us who believe. Believers, particularly in democratic reflections, must align with reflections of government that promote the least amount of human suffering – and hands down, socialism, in its varying forms and when permitted to maturate, has produced devastating human suffering.

I highly recommend “The Socialist Phenomenon” by Igor Shafarevich, a contemporary of Solzhenitsyn. It’s a powerful history of origins of socialism as it’s played out over time. Nothing is new here. History is a gift for reminding humanity that we can never ‘progress’ our way out of evil. Socialism denies even the ontological existence of evil, for that would keep humanity accountable to a god, and ‘god’ limits human progress. Yet, the denial of evil ironically ushers it with ferocity. This was the warning cry of Solzhenitsyn to the West, he saw all of this coming.