I’m not sure I’ve ever gone 3 weeks without blogging before.  I hope someone is still out there!

We have been so jammed packed busy with daily college routine, classes, guest speakers, events, kids, uber’s and yes, late night hockey games.  We feel very blessed, and thankful for the many new friends here in Minsk – it’s been a really cool time, and opportunity to grow in new ways too.  New context always brings new fresh perspective doesn’t it?

The kids tonight found us on the couch, a rarity the past few weeks.. so they decided to give us a hairdo. I’m supposed to be ‘DanTDM’ and look much younger per Noah.

I’ll be sending out an exciting email update soon!  Some cool news coming down the pipe for worship platform LIT, and also some new creative spaces for growing what God is doing in the Russian & Ukrainian speaking world.

Deb did NOT want this photo posted, but I figure our blog is fine right? Abbey is her stylist.

So, for now, just a note that we’d appreciate prayer for Deb and kids as I leave them for the next 4 days on a quick trip to Ukraine.  I’ll be taking Brent with me, visiting the team and friends there, also Steiger Conference and making sure our house is still there – winter is closing in.. time to make sure things are good to go!  I’m really excited to connect tomorrow night with our Club 180 youth as well.  Miss them a lot.

We have snow here, here’s a few from our window at the house we are renting.

Each week we pose with the YFM students and speaker… this Monday we had Jan and Sally with us!

This past month so many things have happened.  Some really great weeks with guest speakers.  God is doing amazing things in hearts, and we’re really growing in community with this crew of 12-14.  We are saying goodbye to Elsa from Vladivostock tomorrow, she’s been a real asset as my ‘PA’ (our little joke, but she has been a great personal assistant).

Two teams, two stories, two writers, producers, and actors.. videos coming soon! Tonight a crew showed up forcing me to be an ‘angry’ dad. Easy.

The students are currently making a series of video projects which they’ve written, and are producing under the tutelage of our good french friend Jeremy from Heroic Nation.  This week we have a wonderful professor of theology teaching Hermeneutics (how to read/interpret the bible).  God has really blessed these YFM students with so many different topics but more importantly, teachers that genuinely connect and care.

Our partner Peter just hosted another event last weekend at the Philharmonic, a personal concert that showcased Christian artists from around the Russian speaking world, including more famous Russian songs and personalities that many knew.  Even Elsa sitting next to us was surprised to recognize some of the songs that were written by the team here at XDH.

We have some plans in the works for some more music production and prayerfully moving in that area, as well as some more cafes in the works – we will need God to touch hearts and fuel this, walking on water in some real ways.  There’s such an opportunity to impact culture for Christ, reach youth with hope and vision for their lives –  we can do so much for so little compared to the west right now – this is good soil for sowing folks.  Take it to prayer and join us if you aren’t already involved financially.

At least 600 showed up to enjoy Christian concert at the very same place we hosted LIT – we’re jumping in there now every chance we can 🙂

During this time, we had the honor of hosting Jan Brunk and Sally Knox.  Jan obviously for those that follow our journey is the widow of Dave, they both pioneered the ministry here that we are stepping into for this next season.  There was a neat moment in the night that honored their investment and moved many people.  Also Nona, who is another board member for MIR was there – and we had a number of long, and fruitful meeting mapping out trajectories, what we feel God is showing us, and all left anticipating this coming year.

Noah’s 2nd client.. the coolest little girl on the planet.

There are many challenges, but God is unstoppable.

Love and miss y’all.  Happy Thanksgiving.. is that over or still coming.. I have no idea.. but someone fed me turkey the other night.. it was a pleasant surprise.. don’t see that bird too often ’round these parts.

Email us if you don’t get our monthly email with more specifics.

Bruce & Deb