There’s always that boy,
He stands out from the rest.
Bumps and bruises he sports,
From his toes to his chest.

We have such a kid,
In our family of seven.
He goes by Noah,
Lives inches from heaven.

Arrow number 6, full of personality and zest.  I thought these few pictures captured best his personality.   This week we took the kids to a hotel northwest of Kiev.  It has the only outdoor heated pool that I know of, and was a real treat to release the fishes for 2 days.

This week in Ukraine it’s spring break, however by the mounds of record level snow piled up along the roads, you’d think we were in Jan.




Shower before entering the pool. Better idea, shower after leaving it!

Back home now, Deb has spent 4hrs at the Kharg Police attempting to get her residency papers looked at to no avail.  Bronwyn is now off to Ukrainka to get braces.  I’m investigating options for neutering the beast Charles.  Getting ready for an amazing April, lots of activity and prayer needs – send us some as we enter back into fray.

Bruce & Deborah Crowe
Missionaries in Ukraine