photo-13This week was rough!  We anticipated receiving the gas bill for the Cafe, but spent the entire week waiting on the bill.  We’d call, they’d say, ‘today for sure!’, repeat Monday through Friday.  Amazing all we are trying to do right now is pay them $4,000 – but they make even this arduous.

It will be 30 days after we pay the bill the gas and resulting heat will be activated in the Cafe – so we’re getting a little anxious.  It’s really cold during the day in there right now, and our guys programing on the 2nd floor are using space heaters to try and stay warm.

To make matters more intense, our electricity in the center has been sporadic at best.  If it doesn’t improve, we will have to invest in a generator.  You can’t run a programming office with the power going off every 20 minutes, and when your fingers are freezing. There are many reasons business doesn’t succeed in Ukraine, we are finding our first hand the persistence, patience and money required to even get one operational.

Pray the gas company will keep their word, give us a bill so we can pay it – and they can start the process of turning our heat back on before it gets super cold!!

Tucker with Sir Charles - keeper of the yard, protector of the family, enemy of everyone else.

Tucker with Sir Charles – keeper of the yard, protector of the family, enemy of everyone else.

Last weekend Brent turned 12yrs old, we all went to Kiev for the day and had a blast.  It had been months since we did something as a family – we went to a place called Terminal, which has ice skating, laser tag and an amazing g0-kart track.  I have to say, the go-karts were as much fun as we’ve had together – managed to escape with only minor injuries.

Have enjoyed hosting several folks at the Cafe, for one-one coffees – the delays have allowed for many private tours of the building which I think have been well received.  Neighbors, teachers, government workers, are amazed at the place, how clean and professional it looks, the anticipation is increasing even more with folks getting a real taste of the coffee and spreading the good word.  I’ve heard many comments even this week about how neat it is that there isn’t any alcohol served, especially from the ladies and moms.

Discovery Alert!  We found 2L milk.. getting there!

Discovery Alert! We found 2L milk.. getting there!

Dema and I are busy getting last minute things in preparation for opening anytime, things like:

– syrups for specialty coffees – here they call them toppings, it drives me nuts!
– garbage dumpster – we have to make our own from scratch
– cash register box
– chalkboard sign – we found some cool ones in Kiev
– table top menus – printed them this week, nailing down prices

We have a long list and planning a Kiev shopping trip this week Lord wiling.  That should be our final shop before we open.. we have supplied enough to last at least the first week I think.

Our local metal shop, buying materials to make our dumpster.

Our local metal shop, buying materials to make our dumpster.

After we get open, get heat, and establish a routine – our focus will turn towards getting the pizza going.  After that, some evenings during the week for discipleship and evangelism on the 2nd floor.  I have several ideas brewing in my heart to take small groups and work on some creative things, which I believe could turn into the beginnings of a training center/school.   My heart wants to race forward and get to these things, but alas this is where the Lord has us, building a foundation, a place of ministry and a light in the center of this town.  I’ve been contemplating generations, and investing my life, time, money in things that will outlast my own mortal life.  It really changes how you approach things – there are enormous needs and areas to serve, or be a light for the Lord – but what things can we do that will continue past our own efforts?  I think it boils down to pouring your love and life into a few folks God may bring you – raising the next generation with purpose.

Thanks for checking in !

Bruce & Deb