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October 28th, 2009

Last minute packing and we’re off to Texas.  Quite a bit more preparation and planning when you leave 5 kids behind.  Tonight we had our last supper together for a week, here’s a picture from our messy kitchen.


This past Sunday we joined the Pentecostal church for a Ukrainian thanksgiving service.  They have their own ‘harvest’ and ‘thankful’ version, no turkey 🙁  Here’s a clip of some of the children reciting part of a song, I would say “singing” but as you can hear, that would be a bit of an exaggeration.  Sweet to hear young kids trying their best.

This Friday I’ll be sharing at a private Christian school conference.  Then will begin a hectic weekend filled with Crossroads Community Church visiting, a special ‘old fashioned family day’, and then we fly out Sunday to New Orleans.  We’ll be visiting our long lost pals Matt and Paula Mason for a night, then back to Texas Monday night.  Tuesday will be a full Cypress day, lots of catching up to do and hopefully productive decision making.  Then, Wednesday we head back to Ukraine.  

Please pray for our children and the Gollan family that will be watching them.  Safety, and patience all ’round!  We are truly thankful to have close friends here that we completely trust and can burden with our quiver.  Also pray that our trip would be refreshing for Deb, she deserves this break and I hope can fully enjoy it.  Pray that we could also encourage others with our love for Christ.


Bruce & Deb


  1. Papa

    Have a great trip.You guys will be a little closer,
    Love Dad

  2. nana

    wow, that is a quick trip! Will be praying for you guys that it will be a time of refreshing. Say hello to Matt and Paula from us.

  3. stephanie

    Yeah! I hope to have lunch with your wife tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

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