Stories in the Missional Journey of Bruce & Deborah Crowe

October 21, 2012

1. A beautiful bride and her absent minded groom searching for a hotel in Kiev on their wedding night.

2. Filming a wedding and realizing you vastly under estimated the size of HD footage (during the ceremony).

3. Precious kids taken from their parent(s), running to our van with excitement. How love translates perfectly into any language and culture. (I’m teaching one to shoot a pellet gun above)

Charlie, 7 months and thirsty.

4. A St. Bernard that gallops to the van, finds a seat, and sits upright in it trying to blend in.

5. Singing Russian hymns and occasionally in sync with those around me. Russian Hymn Singing from this morning

6. Trying once more to cook a steak in Ukraine that requires less than 100 chews per bite.  Better luck next time.

7. Carrying sleepy kids to bed.  Hard not to smile when their faces are painted from a hard nights play.

8. Impromptu playing of Amazing Grace before a crowd and finally figuring it out on the last stanza.

Deb with her two pals Priscilla and Cheryl.

9. Realizing fall is truly here in all its wondrous display.  We live next to a forest, we wish it would last.

10. The glitter of my baby girls eyes and her single little bottom tooth.

Our precious Abbey held by Luda who takes her hostage regularly 🙂

These are a few things from our weekend.  What things stand out from yours? Lord help us remember to give you thanks in all the businesses and urgency of the moment.  You sit securely on your throne, you execute justice for all that call on your name. You gift us with life, in all it’s oddity and adornment.

Remembering you as we head into a new week.  The final rest before the rush of activity a new week brings.  We all have many thoughts.  We think about life, our own lives and all that is precious to us.  We think about work, unresolved problems, and relationships not quite right.  We humans experience many things, but think even more.  Yet, your thoughts are no less numerous, or meaningful towards us.

How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! – Psalm 139:17

Vast the sum, precious the quality.  I’ll make that my final thought for the weekend!

Bruce & Deb


  1. dorothy crowe

    wow, i have tears in my eyes, can i stop and list such wonderful things in my week? are you sure your a crowe?? God open my eyes to see! love, mom

  2. Sandy Rhodes

    WOW. How you have grown in the Ukraine. It was quite a read and sooooo interesting. Loved the story of the old lady. She sure made me feel so very small with my complaints and NOT having family around me.
    Thank you for the blog Bruce and Debs.

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