Obama is President?

We have access to one English TV channel here in the apartment, the BBC.  I’ve watched it a few times and it’s been interesting to note the different slant and style of news stories.  I learned about the rising interest rates in India, the 100 million dollar plan to launch the game of Cricket into mainstream professional sports (sorry Ozzy friends, that just ain’t gonna happen mates!).  The weather report consists of a quick tour of the globe, they even stopped off in North America for about 20 seconds, highlighting the rains in the midwest (north america seen as one mass, no borders).  It’s a real expeience to be taken out of the only context you’ve ever known, transplanted in a culture that worships soccer (aham ‘fooootball), and has a love affair with pork, cheese and bread.  I’m reminded of the Israelites, how God preserved the customs, the literature, some of the food and of course their religious experience for generations for the purpose of ushering in the Messiah.. and even today they remain a distinct people group. That’s a pretty amazing feat when you think about it.  I remember hearing a message entitled, “Why are there no Hittites on the streets of New York”, and it emphasized this preservation of a culture through God’s sovereignty.  Anyway, that’s been the theme in my heart for the past few days, namely “What makes a culture distinct?” or “What in a culture is worth preserving?” in the context of the ramifications of the gospel when it changes a heart.  What stays the same, and what should change when a person from ANY culture comes in contact and saving fellowship with Christ?  We aren’t here to make Americans, Canadians or Australians obviously, but when you see the depravity, the mass of young teenage boys with open alcohol in hand, young girls walking immodestly about, it does make you want to change more than just individual hearts, a reformation, a holy fear of the living God is in desperate need here.  I’ve seen more little pictures of saints stapled and stuck to taxi cabs and buses for a lifetime.  How can Christ and religion be so visable, yet so powerless in a culture? 

{Metro signage, it’s like choose your own adventure}

{Where’s Waldo?  Where’s FedEx?  English signs are so nice!}
{The golden arches mean clean restooms and happy Tucker}

To finish my Obama comment, did you know that he’s already president?  Today while running some errands (Cassie your invitation letter is now on it’s way!) the Taxi driver, who wasn’t fooled by my impeccable Russian accent asked, “Obama President Da (yes)?”.. then later at the bank, my friend Roman (the teller) asked if I was happy for Obama.  I think they mistook the Democratic race for the Presidential one, or some new source jumped the gun.

The kids are recovering from fever, all of them down one-by-one, for about 3 days.  Deb suffered as well for a few days.  Clark and I are the only ones who have dodged it to date.  We’ve heard some of our Texas friends have had the same thing, that is actually comforting.  We had 6hrs of Russian lessons this week, and another 2-3hrs of homework.  Have had a great week of routine in terms of business work online, thank you for the prayers.  Also thank you for some of those emails that came in from different sources, the scripture and encouragement is contagious.   We just found out our container hasn’t even left the US, still at port.  Good thing we didn’t stick a kid in there to save on airfare costs.. Giving thanks to God that our needs are met – Surrendering the right to have things go my way…

Paul McCartney is having a free concert downtown Kiev this weekend.  I saw the stage and sound today, incredible.  I wonder if he will sing ‘Back in the USSR?”….

“…the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving so that they might not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ… ” 2 Cor 4:4


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