O Christmas Tree


We got a tree today!  The kids are pretty excited.. We have been trying for a while but because they don’t celebrate Christmas until Jan 6, they just came out this week…. delivered in Soviet army trucks… how cool is that?


We love little Clarkie, he is a sweet boy that has required the least amount of training (comparitively… but then Noah makes everyone look good).  He’s sporting my ‘helmet’ as he likes to call it… my cool Ukrainian winter hat.  His favorite movie is Milo and Otis, and lights up each time Otis rescues Milo from danger.


Ug.. I just clicked the wrong button and lost 15 min of typing/pictures… so now you get a picture of me, in my ‘boyz in the hood’ hat, freezing in my office.  Been working on the Christmas Event this week, things are going really well.  We’ve invited the entire list (in person) and received a wonderful response.  The event has opened many doors, building relationships already that we look forward to pursuing.  Remember us Friday, Dec 26… 5pm… which is around when you get up in Texas.  40-50 public servants, police chief, mayor, economic development, chamber/cultural folks, hospital director and 3 college directors with their assistance… it should be a very interesting and enjoyable evening.  The ladies (deb, priscilla especially) have been working hard and planning all the american food (using ukrainian ingredients…).


Noah and his mom.  He’s a stinker, and constantly has our head on a swivel.  He says, “pazsha – loosta’ in russian which is ‘please’. He will have the best little Russian accent.  The kids are all doing well with russian.  We are proud of them and their attitudes.  Broderic is already starting to translate for me sometimes… how scary is that… I can’t keep up!

Ok, well I had other stuff and photos but it’s 8pm and I haven’t seen the family today, or eaten lunch or supper.  The days fly by, we are busy, but busy about good things so it’s enjoyable and rewarding.  If you have time, email us a family update.  We’d love to hear how you are doing, what’s new.  We’d be thrilled to read some updates to the kids as well, if your kids could say hi.  This Christmas and end of year has snuck up on us.  We are looking back at the trail of dust behind us… recounting what we’ve done this year, with the move, the transition, and ready for a vacation… bermuda sounds lovely.  Do they speak english there?

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45



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