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November 3, 2012

This weekend Deb is with 30 other ladies in Ivankiv, Ukraine hosting a ladies retreat. She’ll be sharing a couple of times on the topic of Spiritual Warfare. It’s been a topic of much thought, discussion and study particularly since we left the comforts of the US. I wish they recorded the sessions, I know how much time she’s put into preparation.   Proud of my amazing warrior woman, she quietly stands for the Kingdom in her family and life, resists the enemy and loves our God!

Having the boys this weekend is not without it’s challenges.

My Possie of Boyz enjoying the last bit of fall weather

With Deb gone, I’m getting the full force of ‘Daddy can I…”

Particularly the amount of gadgets and ‘game time’ that goes on almost continuously with 5 boys. I remember getting an Atari, then the Nintendo (or Pitendo as mom called it), and being so excited when allowed to play. I did play a lot, but nothing like these multi-gadget-mobilized-monkeys. You had to be in one spot to play, wired up and pray that your mom or dad didn’t have a show coming on that would interrupt your game. These days, the kids are playing on them at any time, in any place, with any one..

I just came up with a plan. Gaming cards. We’ll see how they work. They have to earn them, and they can also lose their time through a series of deductions for bad attitudes, generally not being nice to one another. Most of the time my kiddos are pretty sweet, but when it comes to video games, all bets are off as they endeavor to monopolize a gadget. They hide them, they ‘borrow’ cords and suck batteries like vampires. They point to their brother as spending more time than them. Well, I’ve got my hole punch handy and they are amazingly sweet and thankful! I need to get Deb a hole punch too for her return.

This week was a tough one with sickness in the family.  I’m just getting my voice back and feel energy returning.  Behind in Russian, many things to do for work and Cafe purchases still.  We did  find some great chairs and tables earlier this week and Shane helped me put them together.  We still need to get 3 booths and 2 more tables for the front but it’s coming together and looks great!

We had our fourth bible study on Wed night at the cafe for students seeking more of God (not yet surrendered their lives to God).  Yura is one student that has come to every one.  He came over last night as well and watched Narnia with our family (in Russian), pray for him, I think he is being drawn to God and close to surrendering his life to God.

A few have asked about Vlad during this holiday season.  We’ll be in touch soon on something we can do as a supportive body to encourage him and his family.

Thanks for checking in!

Bruce & Deb

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  1. dorothy crowe

    enjoyed reading about deb, the boys and how the cafe is coming along. keep them coming….

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