John Piper Book "This Momentary Marriage" in Russian

Last year we helped to sponsor getting this book translated into Russian.  Our friends Jake & Danny here in Ukraine run a Christian publishing ministry called Inlumine and agreed to get the rights and get it to press.  Coy at Cypress designed the cover.  We’re anticipating blessing many marriages here in Ukraine with this book as a gift.

If you’d like to donate a book to a Ukrainian couple, we’d really appreciate the help!  $25 will get us 10 books, please use this link here to donate. The Ukrainian family has been decimated by immorality, alcoholism, and this kind of devotional book on marriage, in their own language is a true rarity.  Your donation is like sending medicine into hurting homes.  We’re believing God wants to change this culture, beginning with a biblical view toward this incredible thing called marriage.

The Cafe also needs money.  This is turning into a financial report!  We went to an industry trade show in Kiev last week.  They had all the kitchen equipment and supplies you could ask for to run a full cafe or restaurant.  Unfortunately all we could do is look because we’re out of cash.  We have everything in place, including a working heating system now, tiles are being laid this week, trim completed.  We’ll be on hold through the December and January as we travel to the US/Canada, hopefully returning with some funds to wrap up completion and open this thing!!!

Deborah is looking great, and feeling about as good as to be expected 1/2 way through her 7th pregnancy!  If the second half is as fast as the first, this baby will be here before we know it, so we’re already starting to realize some things have to chance.  We haven’t had to worry about baby proofing our house in a few yrs, everything from stairs, to clean floors.. The other day Deb and I were in a grocery store and independently walked down an isle filled with diapers and baby supplies.  We met at the cashiers desk and simultaneously said, “did you see the diapers?”… here we go again.

Kids are all very excited to return to Canada and see their grandparents and cousins.  We’ll all be traveling down to Texas as well the middle part of December, introducing the little ones to everything they’ve forgotten about life there… including Shipley’s Donuts!

Lastly an update on Vlad.  He’s doing well, Tom just called me a few minutes ago and gave a quick update.  As soon as I finish this update I will be writing a character reference type letter, furnished with our business ‘stamp’ for Vlad.  The courts have received his appeal and we are waiting on an appeal date.  We’re hoping some healthy pressure from his supporters will move this along.  Connor from Chernigiv, where the prison is, has taken supplies to Vlad, we’re trying to figure out ways to send some $ and supplies as well towards this.  The prison is about 4hrs from here.

We’ll be opening the clothing ministry for the needy families this Friday.  Looking forward to getting all the warm clothes collected thus far into the hands of those most in need in our community.   Temperatures are still just above freezing, but not for long.  Pray we build some inroads into the hearts and homes of these families. This is an important outreach for the Cafe and our collective witness as believers (and foreigners) in our town.

Thanks for checking in,

Bruce & Deb