November 10, 2009


Went to Kiev today to get another Tax ID, the original they supplied me is so faint, it won’t make copies (and you need these copied for everything).  It was like applying for the first time, passports, applications, lines.. just because they ran out of ink on the first one.  We were met by a guard at the entrance to the building, sporting the increasingly common white mask… he told us we were not allowed in the building without one.  Of course they didn’t have any handy, so off we went walking in search of a mask.  It turns out all of the pharmacies are sold out, and the only way to get one is to find an old Babushka (grandmother) selling them in secret.  I guess the authorities are cracking down on illegal mask producers.  You’d think we were searching for gold.  We eventually found a nice old lady who reached into her big bag, and like a drug dealer let us peak inside, confirming the goods.  $.50 each, a bargain!  I bought 4 for good measure, and considered setting up a booth outside this particular building. 

Anyway, two hours later, we had a properly printed document, and the experience of standing in line with 20 other people, looking like we were in nursing school, or about to rob a bank. 

This morning I had the privilege of delivering a wood carved “Joe Roughneck” gift from Kilgore, Texas to the Mayor here in RZ.  First here’s a picture of Mayor Parker giving me the present last week.  Note the big smiles from the happy Texan!


Here’s Mayor Viktor and the 2nd in command Ms. Nadya, they were actually very happy, in pictures people here tend to sober up and remove the smile.  They put in on their shelf which they call their ‘museum’ along with the Texas cowboy hat, and some other trinkets they’ve collected as official gifts. 


Husbands meeting tonight for study and fellowship.  This Sunday we’re not sure if we’ll be allowed to do the ‘all church’ meeting, the government has shut down all the schools for 2 more weeks due to the H1N1 outbreak in western Ukraine, and not permitting public gatherings. 


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