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Incredible testimony shared on the delivering power and love of God!

He spent years continually intoxicated.

This is nothing extra-ordinary in Ukraine. According to the World Health Organization, Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus each rank globally in the top 5% of most inebriated countries.

To put that into perspective, by age 15, well over 90% of the population has begun drinking.

The average amount consumed per year, per person of ‘pure alcohol’ is 17 liters in Belarus! That’s close to 200 bottles of wine or 1,500 shots of vodka, per person, per year!

One in three men drink ‘heavily’ at least 4 times per week, and it starts between 12-15yrs old on average.


This past Sunday we visited another new church in Kiev called, “Eagles Church.” It’s two years old. There are so many new ministries & youthful churches popping up.

Ironically, the church meets in a popular night club.

During worship, I saw this one guy dancing away to the side. I did wonder for a moment if he was a little too happy if you know what I mean. In a major city, you never know what guests you’ll have come to your event.

As it turned out, this young man was on tap for giving his testimony before the sermon. As he began to speak, you could tell immediately he was not only sober, but a man who had been filled with living water.

What struck me, and moves me even now as I type, is that for an entire year he said he heard this ‘voice’ repeating in his heart and mind:

“You are not an animal”

The distinct voice of the Holy Spirit! The clarion call weaving it’s way through the myriad of condemnation and pain.

You are not a wild beast, but a man.

Whatever vice we find ourselves in, it kills our joy, robs our judgment and makes us so much less that what God intended. These words whispered hope, broke his chains and ushered in the miracle of new life in Jesus.

He’s now completely free of his addiction, found the love of his life in church and living as God designed him.  He has reason to dance.

This is what God is doing in Ukraine.

God is overpowering the destructive ‘template’ of post-soviet Ukraine. God, not the schemes of men, is rallying churches, partners, businesses, and even fashion designers to turn their creative tools into weapons, bringing Christ’s Kingdom to their generation.

God has put incredible favor on our growing team.  We are hosting a dinner on March 6th with the Ukraine leaders from:

Hope for OrphansOM
XDH Minsk and more.

Our purpose? To unite in prayer, and dedicate this new work to Christ.

Pray for us! I believe what we are embarking on is a generational work.  We don’t as of yet have the financial resources, but we are excited and believing God will provide in the right timing.

There is legit excitement among partners who’ve yet to work together before; to be more visible in Kiev, to take full advantage of this post revolution freedom.

He’s calling us to assemble as one body, one army, and to disciple this generation in Ukraine.

Friends near Black Sea in Ukraine hosting worship for +1000 youth the day we returned from Russia. They are asking for financial help to continue renting places for more worship.  Much of the religious community in Ukraine doesn’t want to touch this emergence. We must encourage it!

Mir Ministries, the charity we are serving with, has again the humble opportunity to fuel significant Kingdom growth in the Russian & Ukrainian speaking world.

I’m so confident & enthused by this.

Cool meeting this week, unplanned (by us) with Valera (Steiger) and fashion designers Max and Margarita (Komashnya).  Increased Kiev outreach and platforms growing that touch culture – salt and light vs incubated religion.

It’s why He’s furnished us with the wisdom of partners and resources beyond our own abilities – to pool together and put a dent in this wicked kingdom of darkness.

We are starting a base in Kiev.
This Mir base will launch serious mission to the Russian world.
Join us!

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