Thankful for donations received that allowed us to purchase new speakers and some audio gear for upcoming worship/prayer nights.  This is Sasha (below), we’ve known each other for almost 7 yrs.  He started work at this downtown Kiev music shop the year our family moved to Ukraine.  He and his buddy are planning to visit the Cafe when the team comes to experience the music and taste the best Coffee in Ukraine!

We actually had a bonafide Italian seasoned coffee drinker sample our Espresso this week and said, ‘honestly, this is the best coffee I’ve tasted in Ukraine’.. she’s lived here for +20yrs!  She said we need to get on some sort of ‘taste trail’ list, I guess there are many affluent Kiev folks that travel extensively seeking fine brews.  It was an encouragement for our team to hear!

Anyway, here’s our main room upstairs coming together.  It will seat (when finished) around 35-40.  If we have more than that we’ll consider moving to downtown venue but I think it will be great for first few weeks, more intimate worship and prayer for whoever wants to join – the next few weeks going to be meeting with area church leaders and encouraging anyone that wants to come to any of the evenings.  I know the team in US is praying specifically to encourage the body of Christ, promote unity and for refreshing.

Pray with us the Lord would continue directing, giving wisdom where lacking, and that this would be a spiritual breakthrough in many hearts.



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