Over the Christmas break I enjoyed a couple days of isolation on the piano, as kids whirled under and over.  A good set of headphones can accomplish the parental oasis! Then, was finally able to get Lana (works with us at the Cafe) to record some vocals yesterday in our living room.  Fun!

I had been reading in Isaiah, and noticed some powerful verses that encompassed famous Chapter 53.  If you have a chance, ready Chapter 52, it’s dripping with Messianic promise and victory in the Gospel.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 5.17.03 PMIsn’t it amazing that God not only comes to us, but also takes the time to prepare as well.  We see it in the forerunner, John the Baptist, ‘Get ready, the Kingdom (and the King) is here!”  It’s like an extra grace.. before friends arrive, “we’ll be there in a few!”

We see this as well +700yrs before God en-clothed Himself in flesh and dwelt among us.  Isaiah, the voice of God to Israel as a Prophet, same message, “Get ready, wake up, loose your chains, something incredible is going to happen through you Israel!”

I like to sleep.  I have a hard time getting to sleep though.  I find it interesting that almost all couples I talk to have this same issue.  One is a morning person by nature, the other a night owl.  One rises with the peak of dawn, the other, well, they prefer sunsets!  It takes a lot more effort for me to get out of bed.  Often several rounds of Claire by my bedside are required, my little pony’s playing before my face to rouse this body from slumber.

To awake is to change states.  From sleep, to an alertness that is prepared to function and interact.  Scripture talks a lot about this, in various forms.  To be ‘born again’ is to experience a rising, or resurrection of spiritual life.  When the Light of men shines upon the sleeping heart, we’re forced to some sort of action.  We can turn over, bury our hearts in a pillow, diffusing the awakening sense that light brings… or we can remain in it’s life giving resurrection.

Eventually, if we posture the eyes of our heart to the risen Savior long enough, life will break out.  Our life after all, our eternal life, is hidden in Him. This is a cool thought for me, I hope it encourages you:

“No matter how much we’ve fallen, or rejected the light of Jesus – He will continue to arouse us and draw us into His love, as long as we have breath.”

It’s His love that leads us to repentance.  He gently awakes, but we must awaken.  He is calling out today like He did in the day of Isaiah – get out of bed, arise from slumber, put on the Righteousness of Christ!  Salvation indeed has come to all the nations, through Israel, and is offered now still through the Church.  The heart of God doesn’t change. Not over the centuries, nor the rebellion in our hearts as a people or nation.

Jerusalem, and every nation under heaven may know the Salvation that is in Jesus Christ.  He will return again, as sure as His resurrection, and we need to stare into the life giving power of Jesus Christ to keep us ready and vicariously drawing more to the loving King.

Hope you like the song (ode to 90’s style, sorry), but more importantly are encouraged by the faithfulness of God today – the God we serve, He keeps His Word.

Bruce & Deb