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Never Ending Winter


Just when we thought spring had arrived, we’ve been hit with another snow storm.  This one has knocked out power out several times.  3am I decided it was time to get the generator going, we just can’t risk our pipes freezing overnight.

IMG_9425Last week the kids were riding their bikes down the street and green was sprouting all around.  Today, we sit 3ft under snow with high drifts.  The roads are currently not drivable.

The ice fisherman will LOVE that they get a few extra days of fishing.  They are out there rain, snow or shine.


We’ve never owned a St. Bernard before, but this winter has proven challenging.  At 1yrs old this month, his testosterone has kicked in and he realizes he strikes fear into most people that visit.  Combine that with the fact that most Ukrainians are terrified of big dogs, he feasts on that fear and plays the bully of the yard.  We pictured owning “Bethoven,” and its become “Cujo!” He’s a big cuddly bear to the kids, and absolutely loves the snow.  They were built for winter.  He jumps our 5ft fence like a gazelle, it’s been fun trying to secure the yard, a bit like Jurassic Park.  We’re about to get him neutered to help reel in the aggression.   If that doesn’t help, we may need to downsize as we’re doing everything possible from reading/training – Maybe the Dog Whisperer would like some borsch?

Things we’ll be doing in April:

– Hosting a team of 15-20 from The Springs Church, Colorado Springs.
– Registering the Cafe officially (just waiting on business permit)
– Hooking up gas to Pizza Oven and Range (waiting on new meter)
– Contracting with Coffee Vendor for machine and supplies.
– Begin (Lord willing!) basic renovations on 2nd floor offices.
– Working with Cypress and our new programming partner from Cherkassy, Ukraine.
– Russian, Russian and more Russian.

Thanks for checking in –

Bruce & Deb


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  1. Tim Schwab

    Bruce these insights into Ukraine are Great!Praise the good Lord you are bringing the Gospel to the locals.How is Vlad in prison and his family doing?I think of him often and pray his faith is holding in that dark spot.Thank you and your family for your love to the Ukrainians.I am coming over this week to put machinery together for planting when it gets fit to put corn in the ground around LVIV.

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