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We finally finished submitting (for the 5th time) my Residence application for Ukraine.  However, we now have to leave the country by the 21st of May and get new Visas again.  The closest and most familiar spot for us is Krakow, Poland.  It has a KFC, so we don’t mind going.

Before we can go to Poland however we have this little thing called a newborn baby that can’t leave Ukraine yet!  So, Natasha is running around helping us get the necessary invitations and paperwork ready for our departure in a few weeks, and we need you to pray with us that Abbey’s passport is completed by then.. we’ll be in a bit of a pickle if it’s not.

We have so many documents and submissions going on right now between the Cafe business and our own personal, it sometimes feels like a full time occupation.  Money for this, chocolates for that person, welcome to Ukraine.

A friend of mine posted this cute little video on Ukraine last week, I’ve posted it before, but if you haven’t watched it, do, it’s a very accurate, lighthearted and creative depiction of life in the former Soviet Union.  For me, it’s therapeutic.


  1. Kevin Shelley

    KFC is good, ate there tonight!

  2. dorothy

    not again! little abby is starting her travels early. hopefully a nice little break for deb….

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