Really enjoyed and was impressed with the students in Eastern Belarus at the teacher’s college.  After some introductions, I shared about the importance of taking risks, living life for all it’s worth and not settling for the status quo.

Around 50 students, almost all female, took notes and asked several interesting questions.  As I shared some basic ideas on how to take an idea to the next step in the form of a business plan, I could see in the eyes of several students the creative wheels turning.

This generation is a global youth culture.  The youth arising out of every country is being shaped by the same concepts, music, movies, clothing… Less and less cultural identity is found by the geographical space you live.  The internet has truly changed everything.  Yet, this generation is alone – the irony of being overly connected and yet deeper relationships lacking among so many youth.

This is such a rich Christian Orthodox culture, may God water the seeds of Gospel truth all around this incredible country.

Collins also was there, but for 3 days with Broderic and a group from Minsk.  They performed in a local cafe at night and enjoyed building many new friendships.

I’d love to return to Mogilev.  I see the potential, especially with the 1000’s of open-hearted youth in college, for a Cafe or creative space.  I was told by several people this is a depressing area, and that the suicide rate is higher than other cities.  I didn’t feel this personally, I felt hope and a bright future with these young hearts.

I had some interesting conversations as well with police that stopped me mid-way at a checkpoint.  I got to sit in a police van with 3 officers and share pleasantries.  They were intrigued by a Texan driver’s license and were in no rush to let me go.  It ended well and we shared some good laughs.

We’re entering the final 3 weeks at YFM.  I’m teaching this week on business as well as some other theological topics.  I’m looking forward to seeing the students movies they have put together, and also hearing from some of them during the week as well as we turn the tables and have some of them share!

Have some cool news coming soon about creative space in Kiev – but will be later!

Bruce & Deb