We’re in day 5 of 7 with the team in town.  Group of 14, mostly 1st year Bible College students.  The classes have gone well.  We’ve had Andrei Murzin, Kelly Hoodikoff, and a few local missionaries/youth workers share.  I’ve been working my way through the topic, “The Character and Nature of God” which is always a challenge – such a weighty and powerful topic to survey, as a mere mortal, the immortal, invisible, immeasurable God.

How can we know Him really?  We’ve talked about creation, how it declares His power, creativity, beauty and so much more.  We’ve talked about how God has revealed much of His nature through relationships themselves, the nature of love, family, and unity as flowing from His triune nature.

God has ultimately come in 4k, HD reality in the form of Jesus Christ.  Christ, who existed before the world’s creation, who in fact created all things – He has come to display, to bear the image of God ultimately.  Only God gets to define His nature – not religion, not your pastor or church, not even the Bible accurately displays in full His nature outside of Jesus Christ – He’s the center of it all!

Even Brent getting in on the music!  Pretty decent drumming son :)

Even Brent getting in on the music! Pretty decent drumming son 🙂

We will be wrapping up Thursday and Friday, saying goodbye to our friends on Saturday.  The best part of the week, in terms of our mission and heart for this generation, has been mixing the Minsk young people with our students here.   Last night we had an amazing time together, culminating in group prayer for one another.   For some, it was probably the first time they prayed in together in this type format – it didn’t feel forced, it felt like the Holy Spirit was touching hearts, assuring us of His love and presence – we are not alone, we have an amazing Father on our side.

Lord teach this generation Your incredible nature – Jesus, you gave it all for us.  It is finished!

Thank you for your prayer and support!   Next week we are taking 10 youth from our Club 180 group to Steiger, a day of Christian outreach to young people, prayer, worship and connection with our maker.   Pray for them and us!

Bruce & Deborah