Thank you for taking a moment to watch this and stand with our family in prayer – as well pray for the Ministries and precious families represented in Belarus and the US who have poured their lives into this work.

In case any Ukrainian friends watch and wonder, we are NOT planning to move to Belarus but believe we could in the near future be dividing our time between Minsk and Rzyschiv.

img_2160The Lighthouse Cafe and student ministries here will by God’s grace continue to grow and possibly become a model for future Cafe’s, skateparks, and whatever else the Lord directs for reaching this generation with the love of God.  I love the model of the Cafe, it’s a natural connection with the community, allows us to be salt and light on so many levels.   We continue to learn what not to do, and I think we could reproduce this in many more places.


We just returned from Kiev, purchasing 40 super soft warm blankets as gift for our Widows Ministry.  We will hosting a special party for the dear ladies in a couple of weeks, surprising them with this gift.  The Cafe continues to be warm, full of life and love.  We are trimming back winter hours to 6 days a week, and opening a bit later now 12p – 9p daily, closed on Tuesdays.  It’s getting dark out by 4pm, and we’re getting ready for the temps to really drop.  We are getting ready to decorate the Cafe for Christmas as well.  We just finished swapping out new front banners, nice warm hot chocolate and lattes (they were ice cream and cold things for summer).  Hopefuly we draw even more in.

img_2162We’re started hosting movie nights every Thursday night on the 2nd floor for students.  This is led by Max.  It’s a safe, clean, and warm place for kids to be themselves.  There’s nothing for them in this town, especially at night except an occasional dance.

Last week I visited one of the local colleges at night, they were hosting a ‘disco’ – loud music, dark room, flashing lights – it was a sad display to see half the student body in the yard smoking, and some drinking.  I’ve polled the students, they say 70% smoke, and I asked why they think this is so.  They said, “It makes us feel good, and for a moment we don’t think about our life.”  Several from Club 180 came to me, high fives and some hugs – the teachers monitoring were welcoming.  I pray for these students, they were made for so much more.  They, like all of us, need to experience the love of the Father.  Perfect peace, rest, acceptance and joy in Him.

Thank you for your support!

Bruce & Deborah Crowe