Vik, Yan, Ana, Andrei, and Natsha - amazing talent and humble hearts!

Vik, Yan, Ana, Andrei, and Natsha – amazing talent and humble hearts!

What does it look like when you pioneer?  Over the past couple of years, Deb and I have embraced our calling to instigate change.  Part of that calling involves resting in God’s power – He engineers movements ultimately, and does the heavy lifting.


This week we’ve been so thankful for the team of students from Texas, and friends from Minsk.  We’ve also had various additions hop along during the week – a pastors son from Kiev, a friend of Collins from Harrisburg, even a old friend from New York City.

IMG_3457The Kingdom of God is so dynamic.  It breathes, ebbs and flows.  It’s been refreshing to approach each day with a sense of wonder – “I wonder what today will bring!” and “I wonder what we should do, concert or worship”..  I’m learning to lean on others for discernment, and stay alert to dead patterns creeping in.  For the pioneer, routine is a dangerous thing 🙂

IMG_3456The cafe has been packed with all sorts of people each night.  Last night was really unique – we hosted a concert + worship combo, lifting up Christ in song but ultimately enjoying creative styles and personalities in our group.  The Ukrainians really liked it, and we’re praying more come tonight.

IMG_3476The cafe is a buzz right now with music, vacuums, classes getting ready, and my friend Peter from Crossroads working on the beginnings of our new recording studio!  God is moving, He’s awakening hearts – He’s a wonder to behold!  God bring grace, healing and love – play your people before a watching world – in this little town – we are your instruments.

Bruce & Deb