Mir: Russian is Мир. It means world. It also means light.

Jesus is the light of the world. Mir Ministries mission is to disciple and share the love of Christ to the Slavic world. Meet Mir!

We invest in next generation youth and emerging leaders through worship, prayer, teaching and building a unified missional community to the Russian and Ukrainian speaking world. This year, the Holy Spirit is leading us to focus on three words: Listening, Learning & Loving.

We listen – effectively to one another, and the Holy Spirit.

We learn – by maintaining a humble, life-long learning posture, we’re ready to grow in our understanding and knowledge of the Creator. 

We love – one another and the world around, through the experienced love of God.

We’re on mission to restore the image of the Father who is found perfectly in the Person of Jesus Christ. See Jesus, see the Father. Our prayer is that the world that rejects the Father would know first who they are rejecting – because if they truly knew the sacrificial loving nature of God, many would not reject but believe and in believing, find eternal life in the Son!

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Jesus last command – our first priority! We’re looking for more partners to help us invest in discipleship more effectively and more often. Together we can shape the future of the Slavic culture for Jesus Christ.