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Medium Rare

It’s rare to find a good steak in Ukraine.  This week Daniel and I have enjoyed the southern hospitality, and the steak.  It’s been tremendous to visit with our friends. I tell them that I miss them more now then when in Ukraine, in Ukraine we are so busy and ‘out of sight out of mind’, but seeing them this trip, talking with them, praying with them, and eating with them, it’s been a reminder of how great God blesses us through sincere friendship. 

We shared at Crossroads Community Church ( this Sunday, and have had a full slate of meetings, lunches, and gatherings with folks from work and church.  It’s amazing to think it’s been almost a year since our family left, and a reminder how we must number our days, they are racing past us.

I’ve been asked the same set of questions about 200 times, they are:

-Do you like it over there?
-What is the most difficult thing you’ve experience about living in Ukraine?
-How is your Russian going?
-How are Deb and the kids adjusting?
-What do you do all day?
-When will you be coming back?
-What do Ukrainians think about Obama?
-What’s the food like?
-How much is a ticket?

I feel like a walking infomercial, I don’t know how politicians do it.  I’m like, “hey, read our blog people!”.  🙂  Well, no pictures at the moment, you all should know what Texas looks like anyway. 

We are now off to visit some more friends, tomorrow is our last day.  Today we interviewed with the News Herald, a local publication we’ve been in before, and did an interview with CBS 19, our friend Wilton Johnson who we are badgerign to come over with the June trip, to an ‘on the scene’ promo of the town we are living in.    Thursday we fly to NYC, visiting with some friends and Times Square Church.  A couple days in the big apple, then off to Kiev to re-unite with our families, we miss you! 

Coming back with zip lock bags honey, and all those other things that are precious in the land of Sola.


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  1. Autumn Miller

    Great to see you Bruce & Daniel!

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