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May 3, 2010


This little picture of Noah at the market reminds me of new life.  Yesterday I meandered through our little orchard, we have about 7 fruit trees.  I actually have no idea which is which, some grow apples, some nuts.  After a long hard winter, these trees looked like dried up kindling.  It’s amazing to consider that life still resides in that dead looking thing.  Sure enough, we are seeing little buds, flowers, and bees racing around gathering whatever they gather.  Everywhere you look, the color of life is returning to creation.  It’s more spectacular than any CGI hollywood movie, we can’t recreate this from scratch, it just happens, and declares God’s glory.

God wants me to bear fruit, good fruit that reflects His nature.  Kindness, gentleness, love, forbearance, patience.. I think I often look like those dead trees.  How often can you see God’s grace in my life, sprouting out and bearing reflection of God’s character?  I’m thankful today for mercy.  That God is patient with me, that He has deposited life in me that grows, and keeps working on the inside even when it isn’t obvious on the outside yet.

Busy week, appreciate prayer for continued property searching downtown.  We also have a gentleman from Ireland coming to make sure their construction week is prepared for, house still packed full of N&N’s boxes.  Getting ready for Passion, 53 signed up and ready to hear from God!

Bruce & Deb

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  1. Dad

    Thanks Bruce,
    Wishing Deb a Happy Mothers Day,
    Love Dad

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