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May 24, 2010


This Sunday Deb and I took the team from Ireland to Kiev for a visit.  The guys enjoyed a break from the work project and seeing historic Kiev.  It had been a while (a year?) since doing the ‘tourist’ thing, the weather was perfect.  We took them to the war museum and to the center.


The city has counter offered with us a few times on the property downtown.  We’re very close to a final price and will pray about it tonight before our our agreement or another counter offer.  The land is what we want, and we are probably paying 30% more than what it is worth (all things considered), but after living here for 2 years, this is actually very reasonable, inflation has been outrageous in the real estate market, and only now seeing prices come down to earth.  Because the economy is suffering so badly in Ukraine, local governments are desperate for extra $, budgets for every department are struggling to pay for salaries, or do much of anything they usually do.  This gives us some decent bargaining power, and also helping the city at the same time.  I don’t discount however the main help in this, God has softened hearts, given us favor and we are enjoying God prepare the way for His work here. Maybe some exciting news coming soon!  Keep praying for this please!


When we get the property, we will then begin laying out a plan for the land and building.  It is going to take a lot of work, and a lot of prayer.  It’s also going to take a lot of money!  God is going to use all sorts of people, teams, churches.  I’m especially excited to see more of my home church family in Texas, I know their hearts are behind this, and have been patiently waiting, praying, and encouraging us while our family has been established, and positioning for more long term usefulness.  Instead of just sending short term teams, which they could, we’ve planned and prayed toward more of a long term community impact approach.  This takes relationship building, strategy, RZ church involvement, leadership, oversight, all the things that will ensure a viable long term ministry and ‘light’ in this community for years to come.  My heart is excited to see God raise people up to both serve and work in the business/ministry.  As I drive/walk downtown at night, there are hundreds of young people scattered throughout the dozen bars, many more stashed in dorms with very little to do.  We are going to be engaging where people are, where Jesus would hang out.

We recognize that we are being used as catalysts, pulling in God’s people and pieces for His glory, but it’s all about Him, and He has a plan.  What a privilege to serve God in this place, at this time with our friends and fellow laborers here.

Fuel the work with prayer, join us!

Bruce & Deb


  1. Bruce

    Add some comments, let me know you are out there canadians and americans!

  2. Dana

    here! 🙂

  3. Dave

    We’re here, brother! Thanks for the update.

  4. Jeff Rash

    Great to see what is happening – it is great to see the seeds GOD planted in your hearts years ago beginning to bear fruit. It is always borne out that “a man set his course but GOD determines his steps!” What joy it becomes when we finally come to trust his timing and direction. Cannot wait to see in person the new building and its impact on RZ. The people of RZ are such precious children that are a delight in their fathers eyes. Our prayers will continue.

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