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May 21, 2010


Ireland group arrived this week, they’ve been working down at Neil’s house.  It’s such a blessing to get to know other brothers in Christ, from all over the world.  The work of grace reaches into every culture, every experience, what a God!  They are working hard down there, and making great progress on the house.  Deb and I are having fun practicing our Irish this week, she is finding it particularly difficult to understand them but I think they sound just fine:)  Great guys, good hearts and serving unto the Lord (and Neil).

I thought this “trucktor” downtown Kiev exemplified the resourcefulness and financial struggles of Ukraine.  Farmers will enjoy the picture I think:)


Please pray for the property downtown situation.  I can’t go into too many details online, but I can say that God has intervened into a potentially messy situation.  We are now in the position of working directly with the city again, and we have some verbal agreements at this point that look promising.  Next week the group is meeting again to review the property, price, and privitization of the land (so it will become under our power and not a public piece anymore).  Pray for God to work, showing Himself through this.  He already has been at work, I’m convinced of it, we’ve had some positive results from not wanting to be involved in corruption or ‘under the table’ stuff that is so normative here.  I’m excited to tell you more news on this, but I need to wait a week or two to ensure that things are in fact moving forward.  At this point please pray that if it is the spot for us, God will do the work, unify hearts and the community can be ‘with us’ from the start, and not against us.  I look back over the last few months, different meetings, and doors God has opened, and not ONE of them have been a waste, they have been essential for our witness to be established, our hearts conveyed, relationships built in key places, and for some of the fruit we are starting to see as things come down to the wire.  God is great, rejoice with us and pray with us!

Better go and help Deb cook another meal for this Irish Army, and they eat like one! 🙂

Bruce & Deb

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  1. mom

    sounds like a pretty hectic life but gratifying, praying for you…love and miss you…mom

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