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May 13, 2010


Decompressing.  Unpacking a pretty special evening two nights ago in Kiev.  Passion returned to Kiev for a night of energetic worship, attracting close to 7,000 young college age kids from around the region.  There were groups represented from Belarus, Moldova, and Russia as well.   Our group packed into 5 vehicles (60) and ventured to the big city.  Three hours of Christ-centered lyrics, a simple but powerful message by Louie Giglio.

Tonight we invited the group to hang out at my place, passed out invitations, going to drive to one of the local colleges and see if anyone wants a ride (I don’t think any of them have vehicles plus they don’t know where I live).  Nobody could show up, 20 could show up.  One thing I do know however is that seeds were scattered, and we have been praying for their hearts to respond.  An entire generation walks around this town oblivious to God that created them, has designed purpose for their lives, and loves them more passionately than we can imagine.  We caught a glimpse of that at Passion, and I pray it continues to mature in our hearts as a church – we are not here for our own pleasure, but for the glory of our Great God!

We are very close to signing on property downtown.  The seller has agreed to a price, we like the location and property… and a few signatures/stamps remain that could be cleared up within a week!  Tomorrow we will know more as we meet and comb through the documents, but thank you for praying and believing God with us.  More than ever we are convinced that God is directing this, He is providing the laborers to run it, the funds to build it, the teams to partner with us during construction and the community perfectly situated with all these young people to invest into for Jesus Christ.  Lighthouse Cafe, a multipurpose ministry center to promote passionate obedience to the God who deserves our all.  I have a hard time concentrating on this one, because my heart wants to start looking at more communities and build 50 of them.  I’m convinced the ‘church’ needs to get out of their buildings, re-invent their witness to be something relevant, in the marketplace, in the community… we need an evangelistic edge, unsettled with routine and incubation.  We need to be uncomfortable, regularly ‘out there’ doing stuff that requires faith and God to do the heavy lifting.photo2.jpg

As I type this, I hear the banging of a basketball outside my office door, and children squealing with delight on the trampoline.  Every day, for about two weeks, we’ve had an incredible amount of kids playing at our house.  Our 6 kids aside, we’ve had 10-15 in/out during the day playing all over the place.  There’s a lack of public playground here, actually I only know of one outside of the police station which is only for toddlers.  It’s our third summer here, but it feels like the first summer where we could enjoy the kids and not feel overwhelmed with other things.  Deb and I find it amusing and a joy to have them encircling our house 12hrs per day.   If you ever move to a foreign country, take a trampoline, seriously, it will be your most successful ministry outreach without fail.  We’ve even had parents coming and wandering around trying to find their kids.  We now know more of our neighbors as a result.. they can’t get their kids to come home!

Next week we have the Ireland group coming, it should be a wild week of cooking and building.  Neils house is coming along quickly now, sheet rock/mud/tape and garage being built.  I think they will be in it by June at this pace.. if he doesn’t run out of money first ha… actually that’s not funny.

Thanks for checking in –

Bruce & Deb


  1. Dad

    Thanks Bruce for the wonderful update.The videos are priceless,but your words speak volumes.
    Love Dadps is Neil homesick yet?

  2. mom

    great to read the update, I guess passion is a group of speakers and singers? Its exciting to hear you may have your building downtown. Where will you put the Irish? I notice the girls just get to watch the boys on the trampoline, Bronwyn better get out there and help them out!

  3. cassie

    Wow…two full years have passed since that rainy day you guys drove to the airport! I feel really blessed by you guys even though I’m here and you’re there…just knowing you’re there serving the Lord. It’s cool how the body of Christ is still united even from far away.

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